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Travelling while working remotely – it can be done!

Are you working from home? Great! As you can bring your laptop with you, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a change of scenery for a few days and discover new places.

More and more people are choosing to take their work with them and go on a so-called “workation” (work + vacation). Basically, it means doing the same work you do at home, but somewhere else! It’s a way of breaking away from the daily routine and, although there’s no place like home, it’s nice to be able to miss it once in a while!

Our tips to travel while working remotely

  1. First, decide where you want to go

    Where would you like to set up your office for a few days? Just close your eyes and think of that place where you would love to live, and try it out! Find a cheap flight and pack your bags!
  2. Look for a calm place to stay... with a good internet connection!

    A good internet connection is just as important as a desk or a space to work! So a house or an apartment would be better than a hotel, unless the hotel has work rooms that you can use. Find your destination and, if you book through Vueling’s hotel partners, you will also collect Avios points.
  3. Take only the essentials and, whatever you do, don’t forget your laptop charger!

    You won’t be travelling around – you'll be settling in for a bit. So you only need the basics and you can wash your clothes while you’re there. It should be enough with your laptop, charger and a suitcase.
  4. Have you got a pet? Take it with you!

    If you have a pet – dog, cat, bird (except bird of prey), fish or terrapin – and you don’t want to leave it at home, no problem! In this other post we tell you all you need to know about how to fly with your pet.
  5. And once you’re there...
  6. Set a schedule

    You have to work, but you should also have some time left for play! Set a work schedule that enables you to enjoy some time off and be more productive.
  7. Put your laptop away when you finish

    It’s a really good idea, because it’s the best way to draw a clear line between your work and your free time. Unless you need it to watch a series or check out a recipe for homemade pizza, put it away!

Let’s take a look at Vueling’s destination map and we’re sure that you’ll find a place that takes your fancy!

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