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How to fly with your pet

On 10 December it is International Animal Rights Day, a day that aims to raise public awareness of how many animals are still exploited and abused.

Vueling is a pet friendly airline and we ensure that our pets travel as comfortably as possible. Those of us who can't bear to part with our furry friends like to know what we have to do in order to take them on board a plane. We would like to celebrate this day and take the opportunity to remind you about the most important things to bear in mind so that your pets can also travel with you and be in all your holiday photos!

  • What animals can travel on board?

The animals that you are allowed to travel on the aircraft with are pets. In other words, the group includes dogs, cats, birds (except birds of prey), fish, turtles and tortoises. Some airlines specify the animals that are not included in this category.

  • Size and weight

Pets that do not weigh over 8 kg are usually allowed on board the aircraft. This total weight is including their carrier. Usually, the carrier must be approved, ventilated and non-rigid.

  • Before your flight

In addition to all the items you have to carry for your pet (food, leads, harnesses, toys and so on), do not forget to also check the documentation that the airline requires to carry them. You will usually be asked for a passport issued by a vet or your pet's official vaccinations booklet.

Don't worry about their food: you can carry it in your hand luggage.

  • During your flight

During the flight, your pet must be kept in their carrier, either between your legs or under the seat in front of you. You must not take your pet out of their carrier until you have disembarked.

  • Pet insurance

During the booking process, some airlines offer the option of taking out pet insurance. That way, you can ensure the well-being of your pet and travel with greater peace of mind. Veterinary costs while abroad and search expenses if your pet gets lost are usually covered.

  • Service dog

Lastly, we should not forget about assistance dogs. We are referring to animals that have been individually trained to help people with special needs. To fly with them, you must have an official, hard-copy certificate that states that they have been trained as an assistance or guide dog. In addition, the dog must be at least 3 months old and be duly identified with a tattoo or microchip.

You can book the Vueling pet service via the airline app or website. You can also book it by calling Customer Services.

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