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Bring your skis or snowboard on board

Want to explore the best ski resorts in the Alps but prefer to ta…

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How to fly with your pet

On 10 December it is International Animal Rights Day, a day that …

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Yellow Prices: our best fares!

We all have one main goal when we plan our holidays and search fo…

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Black Friday 2018

Does it make sense to get so excited over Black Friday? Yes, it d…

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Tips for travelling alone

Travelling alone is one of those things that should be experience…

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What are the advantages of choosing a seat when you fly?

We know that flying is just something you have to do to get to yo…

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All you need to know about travelling with a pram

If you always wonder what to do with the pram every time you fly,…

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What can I do if my luggage gets lost?

Luggage travels on ramps and goes through controls inside the air…

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Tips for flying with an infant

First flight with your child? While it may all sound great in you…

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