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Yes, check-in with Vueling is always free when you buy your tickets through Vueling’s channels. We tell you how to do it and we answer any questions you may have.

First of all, are we sure we know what online check-in is? You probably do, because it’s a concept that is used both in aviation and in hotels, but in case you’re not entirely sure, we advise you to read the post “What is online check-in?“.

In a nutshell, online check-in is when a passenger registers to confirm their seat on the plane and gets allocated a seat number. When you check-in online, you will be asked for the details of the passengers in the booking, so it is important that you have them ready. Once the information is filled in, you’ll receive your boarding pass, which you can use to go directly to the gate, without having to go to the check-in desk (unless you are told otherwise or you have bags or special luggage to check in).

Now, how can you check in free of charge? Well, it depends on the booking you have with Vueling.

  • IMPORTANT: This information applies to bookings made directly through Vueling channels. If you booked your tickets through another channel, or if your flight is operated by British Airways or Iberia, please check the conditions that apply to you as they may be different.
  • Is free check-in included in the booking?

If the Vueling fare you have chosen includes seat selection, or you have added seat selection to your booking, online check-in is included. This means that, as soon as you complete your booking, you can fill in the passenger details and get your boarding passes. The advantage is that you can choose the seat you want on the plane and, if you are travelling with several people, you can make sure that you sit together.

  • Are you travelling with the Basic Fare and check-in is not included?

If you choose the Basic Fare and don't add seat selection to your booking, you won’t have instant online check-in included. What does that mean? Will you have to pay to do it? No, it just means that you’ll have to wait until 7 days or 24 hours before the departure of your flight (check it at check-in) to check in online at no extra cost.

Then you’ll be able to access your booking to check in online: you’ll be allocated random seats without having to pay extra, and you’ll get your boarding passes. What could happen then? 

  • Separate seats. Although Vueling tries to keep passengers in the same booking together, it can’t be guaranteed that they will be able to sit together. It will depend on how many seats haven’t been allocated yet on the plane. 
  • Random seats not available online. If most of the passengers have already checked in online, there may not be any random seats available online. This does NOT mean you’ll have to pay for a seat, or that there are no seats left on the plane: it only means that you’ll need to go to the check-in desk on the day of the flight to be allocated one free of charge.

If you decide to choose the Basic Fare without selecting a seat, we advise you to check in online as soon as possible.

  • How can I do the free online check-in with Vueling?

If your booking includes instant online check-in, at the end of the booking you’ll find the link to do so, as well as in the Vueling app or at Vueling.com.

If you choose the Basic Fare without selecting a seat, you’ll be able to check in online 7 days or 24 hours before departure (check it at check-in) on the Vueling app or on the main website, vueling.com (there is an “online check-in” tab at the top). You'll be able to check in if you access it early, but only if you purchase seat selection.

We hope to have answered your questions!

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