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What colour are aeroplanes painted?

Although planes are usually emblazoned with the airline colours and logo, it is hard to stand out from the competition because the main colour they all use is usually white. Planes are actually green when they come out of the factory, because of an anticorrosion layer that is applied to the fuselage. So why do so many airlines paint their planes white?

The main reason is the cost: although the paint adds 200 or 300 kg to the overall weight, metallic fuselage wears out more easily and it needs to be polished frequently. White lasts longer and requires less maintenance, and you need fewer layers of paint than other brighter colours.

White is also a good choice because it keeps the plane cool, as it reflects sunlight and stops the inside of the plane from overheating, thus improving the efficiency of the air conditioning.

It is also a matter of safety: cracks and dents can be spotted more easily on a light surface.

Now you know more about aircraft liveries, see which colours you can spot next time you fly!

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