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Where to travel in December

If you're looking for a destination in December for that last getaway of the year, here is a bit of inspiration!

  • Nantes

Where else could you find a huge metal elephant going for a stroll through an old shipyard? The Giant Elephant is the main attraction at "Machines of the Isle", an artistic project created in the city of Nantes a decade ago. A cross between the imaginary world of Jules Verne and the mechanical universe of Da Vinci, this amazing theme park is a must for anyone who visits this French city.

  • Helsinki

Why would anyone want to visit such a cold place as Helsinki in the middle of December? Well, for one, you can meet the real Santa Claus! Situated in Rovaniemi, over the Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village is a place full of magic where it is Christmas all year round. As well as meeting the man himself, you can feed the reindeer and send a postcard to your family with the Arctic Circle stamp. It's a unique experience!

  • Seville

The mild weather in this Andalusian city in winter makes it the perfect destination for December. Seville is magical at Christmas – beautiful lights decorating the streets, nativity scene exhibitions and even a display of cakes made by cloistered nuns. If you're not bothered about the Christmas atmosphere, you can always discover its beautiful streets and enjoy tapas and drinks!

  • Gran Canaria

If you're missing the sun and the summer heat, Gran Canaria is your perfect destination for December. You might not be able to bathe in the sea, but with an average temperature of 22ºC you can lounge on one of the beaches, like Maspalomas or Las Salinas. If you're not really into the beach, Gran Canaria has lots more to offer, like hiking trips or 4x4 rides in the heart of the island, or bike rides through Las Palmas.

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