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What are the advantages of choosing a seat when you fly?

We know that flying is just something you have to do to get to your destination, but why not travel more comfortably if you can? Read on and find out which are the best seats for your flight.

  • If you're in a hurry

    It's obvious: if you want to get off first, sit at the front of the plane. The doors are on the left, and you usually get off using a passenger boarding bridge that is connected to the door at the front. Sometimes, however, the last will be first, because when the rear door is used, passengers sitting at the back also get off first.
  • If you need room to stretch your legs

    XL seats, which are usually next to the emergency exits or in the front row, are the most spacious. The only requirement to sit here is that you must be able to help the cabin crew in case of emergency.
  • If you get airsick

    The place where turbulence is felt the least is next to the wings. This is the centre of gravity of the aircraft and this part is more stable.
  • If you want to have a rest

    If you want to rest during the flight but you find it hard to fall asleep on a plane, choose the right seat and you might sleep right through the flight! The best place is far away from the engines, in the front rows. A seat in the middle of the cabin is also a good choice because you'll be far from the toilets and the galley where the crew keep the catering trolleys.

Don't forget to choose your seat carefully next time you fly!

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