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Tips to get through security faster

How can we go through security without getting stressed out? Good question! Going through security can be quite confusing if you are not sure how it works. Here are a few tips to go through security faster and without a hitch.

  1. Place all your belongings in the plastic trays that you'll find where the control starts (hand luggage, handbag, watch, keys, belt with a metal buckle, etc.).
  2. You also have to place your coats, jackets, scarves and hats in the tray.
  3. If you are wearing shoes with metal bits, high heels, platform shoes or any other kind of shoe that covers your ankle you'll also have to take them off and place them in a tray. If you don't want to walk barefoot there are plastic bags to cover your feet.
  4. If you usually carry lots of loose change jingling in your pocket... now's the time to put it in a wallet or purse, otherwise you'll have to empty it all into the tray!
  5. Remember – the day you fly is probably not the best time to dress up with lots of jewellery. The security staff will ask you to take it all off before you go through the metal detector (earrings, bracelets, watch, etc.)
  6. If you are carrying any liquids you'll need to put them in a toilet bag or clear plastic bag. We recommend keeping them handy inside your bag because you'll have to put them through the scanner separately. Remember that containers must be 100 ml or less and combined they must not exceed 1 litre.
  7. Electronic devices (laptops, tablets, cameras, etc.) must also go through the scanner separately. The security staff might ask you to turn them on, so always make sure the battery is fully charged.
  8. Passengers with implants like pacemakers and metal prostheses must tell the staff about them before walking through the metal detector.
  9. If you're travelling with children and you're flying with Vueling, check out their guide for Travelling with children and infants.
  10. Sometimes the security staff might search you or ask you to open your bag so they can inspect it. This is a random security measure. Be patient – they will be grateful for your cooperation!

Now you know the ropes, going through security will be a breeze!

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