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Tips to find cheap flights with Vueling

Which are the cheapest days of the week to fly? How do I find cheap flights or even bargains? There isn’t a magical formula, but we do have a few tips that may help you to find the cheapest flights.

If you like travelling, but you’re also on a budget, all you have to do is plan properly and you’ll see how easy it is to find good deals.

Find the best deals with these simple tips

  1. Be flexible on dates (whenever you can!)

    If you don’t mind changing your travel dates or if you haven’t actually decided when to go yet, it’s easy! Use the price calendar to find the cheapest flights. Choose your destination and you’ll see the prices for every day of the month.
  2. Fly at midday or on a weekday

    If you fly at midday from Monday to Thursday, you’re more likely to find a good deal. It’s also better to fly on those days because the airports are less crowded.
  3. Fly off-season

    Like the previous tip, if you decide to fly off-season, your destination will be less crowded and flights will be cheaper.
  4. Look for airports close to your destination

    Depending on the place you want to visit, you might have several airports you can choose from. For example, if you’re going to the north of Galicia, you can go to either A Coruña or Santiago. The destination map can help you choose.
  5. Subscribe to Vueling’s newsletter

    The best way to find out about promotions as soon as they come out is to subscribe to Vueling’s newsletter.
  6. Don’t wait until the last minute

    There’s an urban myth that says prices go down at the last minute. Generally it’s not true and it’s best to book when you find a good price.
  7. Add extras while you book

    If you are thinking of checking in a case, it’s better to add it when you are booking the flight. If you add it later on, it will be more expensive and, if you wait until you’re at the airport, it will be over 50% more expensive.
  8. Travel with the essentials

    If you can fit all you need in a small case, even better! Check the maximum size and weight you can carry and avoid penalties and extra costs.
  9. Join Vueling Club and collect discounts

    As we told you in this post a few days ago, when you join Vueling Club you get discounts, and it’s free to join! Every time you book a flight, add an extra to your booking, and even when you shop or book through Vueling’s partners, you collect Avios. Then you can use your points to get discounts on your trips!

Come on – search for a cheap flight now! And if you’re not sure where to go, you can find lots of ideas in this blog!

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