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Tips for travelling alone

Travelling alone is one of those things that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Discovering the world on your own is an increasingly popular trend that might seem daunting at first, but if you've decided to travel solo next time, don't miss these tips!

      • Don't plan too much

        It's great to get to your destination with everything booked in advance, but what if on the way you find a place where you fancy staying a little longer? And what if you meet someone you would like to spend more time with, but you risk losing one night at the place where you're staying? The key is to improvise!
      • Choose cheaper accommodation over hotels

        Although it might be tempting to stay at a hotel, with your own bathroom and a double bed, if you stay at a hostel or bed & breakfast you'll be able to meet other travellers and share your experiences with them. Go for it!
      • Go on free tours

        On all free tours you usually find people who, like you, are travelling alone. It's a great way to meet other travellers and learn more about the city you're visiting.
      • Don't disappear off the face of the earth

        Try to get away from it all and learn new things, but don't forget to tell your family and friends where you are at all times. It doesn't take long to send a Whatsapp message or a short email with your location!
      • Keep an eye on your things

        Before you set off, get one of those money belts where you can keep your documents and money safe. They might not be super comfy, but better safe than sorry! And if you are planning on sleeping in a dorm room, don't forget to get a lock for your backpack!

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