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The most veg-friendly cities

More and more people are becoming vegans nowadays, so more restaurants are starting to offer menus that are partially or completely free from animal products. Want to find out which are the most veg-friendly cities? Take a look!

  • Lisbon

The capital of Portugal, with a population of just 500,000, is proud to have more than one hundred vegan shops and restaurants all over the city. Did you know that in Portugal all public dining places must have a vegetarian option?

  • Warsaw

Forget about what you've heard – in Warsaw people don't only eat meat. Polish cuisine has been reinvented and many chefs are beginning to replace animal products with healthier and more ecological options. But without compromising the flavours of their most traditional gastronomy, of course.

  • Berlin

Neukölln, the most alternative district in Berlin, is also the city's vegan epicentre, because most of the vegan cafés, shops and restaurants in the city can be found here. There is also a comprehensive online guide created by a group of volunteers which will help you to find the vegan or vegetarian restaurant that best suits your needs.

  • Tel Aviv

It turns out that hummus and falafel, the most international Israeli dishes, are vegan! What's more, the number of vegans in Tel Aviv has increased in recent years, so the city has one 100% vegetarian restaurant for every 1,000 people. You'll be amazed by this mouth-watering cuisine!

  • Barcelona

In 2016, Barcelona was officially declared a vegan- and vegetarian-friendly city. In fact, it was the city council who proposed this motion as they aim to promote and encourage healthier and more ethical eating.

We're sure that there are many other veg-friendly cities, but these are our favourites. What are you waiting for? Go and find out for yourself!

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