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Insurance to travel with greater peace of mind

Better safe than sorry, health comes first… There is an element of truth in these sayings. In order to fly in comfort and with greater peace of mind, airlines offer all kinds of insurance policies that can cover unforeseen circumstances. Flying with insurance will make your trip more comfortable!

    • Travel insurance

      Do we have to be covered when we're abroad? It's not mandatory, but you can take out travel insurance that gives you medical cover at your destination. Medical costs, trips, medical transfer, etc. With this kind of insurance, there will be one less thing to worry about on your holidays.
  • Luggage insurance

    Airlines also offer insurance for passengers travelling with cases or special luggage like bikes, sporting equipment, etc. If you take out this insurance, your luggage will be covered in the event of loss, damage or theft.
  • Other ways of insuring your trip

    Are you worried you might miss your flight? You might not be sure about the time of your return flight, or you might be worried in case your flight is cancelled in a few months' time. In these cases you can take out cancellation insurance (which guarantees a full refund on your booking), cover in case of missed flight, and even flexible time services, like FlexFly.

    FlexFly is a service offered by Vueling, with which you can change the date and time of your flights up to one hour before departure, without having to pay any change fees.
  • Pet insurance

    Lastly, we can't forget our pets. They deserve the best cover possible, so you can also take out insurance that includes, for example, potential vet costs abroad.

In short, airlines offer you many ways of making your trip as comfortable as possible, so nothing can change your plans!

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