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How to take a flight with your surfboard

Have you decided to take a flight in search of wind and waves? Are you unable to surf with equipment that isn't your own but worried about something happening to it on the way? Stop worrying: we'll tell you how to fly with your surfboard so you can enjoy the flight in the knowledge that your equipment is travelling safely.

  • If your board has removable fins, take them off and pack them in a separate bag or box. The flatter your board travels, the safer it will reach its destination. Don't forget to take a key so you can attach them again once you get there.
  • Use foam insulation tubes to cover the edges of the board. You can attach them with sticky tape or cling film.
  • Cover the nose and tail of the board with bubble wrap. You can also protect these areas with your wetsuit, towels or any garment you are taking with you.
  • If you would like to add extra protection, place more foam tubes on the centre of the board.
  • Then put the board into its bag and place clothes around it to protect if from any bumps.
  • If you are flying with kitesurfing or windsurfing equipment, you should remove the footstraps before packing the board so that it can travel completely flat.
  • And, if your travel bag is big, you can pack your harness, sail or kite in it and you will only have to carry one piece of luggage.
  • Remember: always respect the maximum dimensions allowed by the airline company so you can check your sports equipment in.

Arrive, unpack… and start enjoying the sea!

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