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GDPR: what is it and how does it benefit me?

You're bound to have heard a lot about something called GDPR over the last few weeks, but do you know what it is? We'll explain it to you!

The acronym GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) refers to a new regulation on the use and processing of personal data of all European citizens. In future, any company or organisation that stores data of citizens living in the European Union must comply with this new regulation, regardless of whether they are based in France, China or the United States.

Thanks to this new regulation, which is much clearer and much more transparent, you can find out precisely what data companies store about you, what they use it for and, what is more, it will be mandatory for you to give your explicit consent for it to be used.

In the case of airlines, what can they use your personal data for?

  • To ensure your security when you travel on board a plane.
  • To notify you about any schedule changes to a flight.
  • To tell you when online check-in opens.
  • To offer you a more personalised service and enhance your user experience.
  • To keep you informed about offers and news.

With this new legislation, which ultimately seeks to do away with unclear and incomprehensible terms, you'll have full control over your personal data and be able to access it more easily, and even have it amended or deleted whenever you wish.

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