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“Can I take an umbrella on board?" and other common queries

In this post we answer all your frequent questions about what you can and can't take as hand luggage.

Apart from general queries about the maximum size and weight of your hand luggage, you may be wondering about whether particular items are allowed in the cabin or not. Can I take an umbrella? Can I take a bottle of water? What about hiking poles? In this post we answer some of the most frequent questions we receive to clear them up once and for all.

  • Can I take an umbrella on board?

So it looks like it's going to rain at your destination? No worries, at least not about your umbrella! With Vueling you can take it with you in the cabin. It's probably best to choose a folding one as it will take up less space.

  • Can I take my hiking or ski poles in the cabin?

Sorry, you can't take these sports items as hand luggage. You'll have to pack them with your checked luggage.

  • What about a pilgrim's staff? Can I take that on board?

So you went to Santiago de Compostela and bought a pilgrim's staff as a souvenir? No problem: you can take it with you, provided it's blunt.

  • Can I take my crutches or walking stick in the cabin?

Of course! If you need crutches or a walking stick to help you get around, you're entitled to take them with you.

  • Can I take food and drink on board?

If you want to take a snack to eat during the flight, there's no problem. If you want to take food to eat at your destination, you can take that as well provided it's packaged or canned, although we advise you to check it in. We also recommend that you check whether there are any restrictions on the items of food you can take into the destination country. Check the general restrictions for the European Union here.

As for drink, you can only take on board drinks that you have bought at the airport. If the drink is in a cup, make sure it has a leak-proof lid so you don't spill it or splash another passenger (or even burn them if it's hot).

If the food you want to take on board is for your baby, no worries at all. You can take home-made food or jars of baby food, and even water. You'll have to show these items at the special security control for families, but that's all.

  • Can I take "ensaimadas" in the cabin?

"Ensaimadas" are one of the best souvenirs in the world. Or the sweetest, at least! If you want to take one, make sure it will fit under your seat, like a small bag.

  • Can I take a little bottle of hand sanitiser in my hand luggage?

Yes, no problem. If the bottle holds less than 100 ml, you can take it on board.

  • Can I take a drone with me?

Yes, provided the battery doesn't exceed 100 W/h. In fact, we don't allow drones in the hold, so you can't check it in. You have to take it with you on board. Again, we recommend that you check with the authorities in the destination country in case there are any restrictions.

  • Is there any restriction on taking ashes on board?

If you find yourself in the situation of having to transport ashes, you don't need to worry about any restrictions. Just make sure they are securely sealed and you have the certificate stating that they are cremated ashes. You can get this at the crematorium.

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