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8 tips for your business trips

If you're planning to go on your first business trip soon, don't miss these tips to make your journey a great success!

  1. Forget about junk food. You are what you eat, so even if you feel tempted to visit a fast food restaurant because you are in a hurry, don't give in!
  2. Go on a free tour. If you've got time, make the most of your visit to discover the city. The best way is on a free tour: you'll see the sights without having to spend too much money.
  3. Adapt to the new schedule. Before leaving, find out which are the working hours at the place you're travelling to. Adopt this daily routine while you're there and you'll see that it makes your trip much easier.

  4. Check the dress code. How you look is important, and even more so if you're attending an event or a trade fair. Make sure you choose an outfit that suits the occasion.
  5. Don't fill up your diary. When you're travelling, things can sometimes come up unexpectedly, so make sure you organise your time well and leave several blanks in your diary, just so you're not stressed going from one thing to the next.
  6. Always bring a stain remover with you. Imagine you order a coffee on the plane and you spill it all over your top during turbulence. No problem – you can use the stain remover you wisely packed in your bag to get rid of it immediately.
  7. Make the most of the flight. Finish a report or go over your presentation again.

  8. Valuable contacts. Business trips are always a great time to do networking, so don't forget to swap business cards and make the most of LinkedIn and other social media to keep in contact with possible future partners.

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