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7 Essential Travel Apps

We all like travelling and discovering different places by ourselves, but let's face it, nowadays apps make our life easier in this sense. Especially when we're on holiday, when we have to make the most of the little time we have.

One example is EVA, Vueling's travel assistant, which helps you to get ready for your trip and gives you all the latest flight information when you're at the airport. But once you're actually on holiday, which apps do you need on your smartphone to make the most of your stay? Here are our favourites:

  1. Maps.me

    How many times have you wished you could go online to check how to get to a certain place? Or just to get around a large city... The solution is Maps.me, an app that enables you to download maps of cities all over the world and check them offline, without having to use data or having to carry around those huge folding maps full of adverts that you get free at hotels. (Free for iPhone and Android.)
  2. Citymapper

    This app helps you to know how to get around using transport in the city: you say where you want to go and Citymapper will tell you the best option to get to your destination as soon as possible. Right now Citymapper is available for major European cities: Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. Try it out at one of our destinations! (Free for iPhone and Android.)
  3. Weather & Radar

    There are lots of weather apps, but we like Weather & Radar, a complete and detailed app that tells you the weather at your destination (obviously), and also lets you check the weather hourly, for the next eight days, and information on the wind speed and snow. You can also install a widget on your home screen so that you can check the information directly. (Free for iPhone and Android.)
  4. Ski Tracks

    When you booked your flight you included your snowboard as special luggage... So it's obvious that you're off to the snow! Did you know about Ski Tracks? It's arguably the favourite app of lovers of winter sports. You can measure your skiing speed, the distance you ski, your time... it's a good way to measure your skiing skills! Available for iPhone and Android.
  5. Currency

    It's so annoying to have to convert prices in your head when you travel to other countries with a different currency… Currency helps you to get the right price: you'll know exactly how much you're paying and you won't be unpleasantly surprised. (Free for Android.)
  6. AroundMe

    Where is the nearest cash machine? Where can we park? Where can we go for a drink? AroundMe has all the answers to these questions. It's an app that tells you all about the most interesting and useful places around you... hence the name! It's ideal if you don't like improvising. (Free for iPhone and Android.)
  7. Splitwise

    Whether you're travelling as a couple or with friends, the best way to figure out costs is by using Splitwise, a very convenient and well-designed app where you can record what everyone spends and it's easier to share bills. A good way to get everyone to cough up! (Free for iPhone and Android.)

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