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Ericsson Globe: Sweden’s “London Eye”

Many cities would love to have an iconic structure that can even by identified by just its silhouette: the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Sagrada Familia, the Empire State Building… the list could go on!
Another of these iconic buildings has sprung up in Stockholm. The Ericsson Globe is the largest spherical building in the world: 16,000 spectators, 110 metres in diameter and an internal height of 85 metres.

On top of this impressive building, the Swedes wanted to build an “eye” that would let locals and tourists appreciate the Stockholm skyline from 130 metres above street level. Thus was born the Skyview, consisting of gondolas that travel up two sets of rails on the outside of the Ericsson Globe all the way to the top.
The two gondolas can carry up to 16 people at the same time and in 20 minutes visitors will be able to see all 14 of the islands that comprise the Swedish capital.

By Eddy Lara Brito from DestinosActuales.com

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European Christmas traditions

Some Christmas traditions are universal, like lights and carols. But we're sure that there are others that you've never heard of, so we want to take you to some of our destinations today to discover the most curious Christmas traditions in Europe.

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By James Pearse from (The Copy Shop)

If you’re dedicated follower of fashion from the 1950s and you love all things rockabilly, tiki and freaky, then you’ll love Sivletto. Founded in 2005 and nestled in the south of the trendy Södermalm area, Sivletto is something of a rarity in Sweden, which is more famous for its minimal, elegant design than greasy American styles. In the 300m2 store, you’ll find a hair dressing salon, a furniture section, a pinball machine and all sorts of home decorations. As well as a wide selection of hair products to maintain your retro look, Sivletto also carries carefully chosen clothes for men, women and children, records, books and magazines. The stylish staff also regularly spin rock n’ roll singles at bars and clubs around town. Open every day except Sunday.

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Frida Watson- Bless this house Betty Draper

Words by Magda Albis from METAL

Santa Catalina, a few meters away from the sea, is one of the most emblematic and dynamic neighborhoods in Palma. Which once was the fishermen’s suburb, has now turned into one of the city areas with more character and personality. The Market acts as heart and hub of the district with a great number of attractive shops and restaurants filling the city streets.

One of these enchanting corners is Frida Watson, a cosy shop selling vintage furniture. Original pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s land in Mallorca coming from all sorts of places worldwide and in perfect condition. Dressers, center tables, couches, as well as different decoration elements, are all collected and arranged along the various rooms that make the establishment. The carpets made by the brand Brita Sweden, produced in vinyl and with geometric patterns, are simply irresistible, together with the retro futuristic lamps imported from Denmark. A warm space were one can find classic design pieces and functional works of art, were one only feels like getting an “Old-Fashioned” cocktail and settle to live in.

Mon-Fri/ 10.00 am-2.30pm, 3.00pm-6.30pm, Sat /10.00 am-3.00pm

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Words by Magda Albis from METAL

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