A 30.000 pies por viajeros para viajeros


By James Pearse from (The Copy Shop)

If you’re dedicated follower of fashion from the 1950s and you love all things rockabilly, tiki and freaky, then you’ll love Sivletto. Founded in 2005 and nestled in the south of the trendy Södermalm area, Sivletto is something of a rarity in Sweden, which is more famous for its minimal, elegant design than greasy American styles. In the 300m2 store, you’ll find a hair dressing salon, a furniture section, a pinball machine and all sorts of home decorations. As well as a wide selection of hair products to maintain your retro look, Sivletto also carries carefully chosen clothes for men, women and children, records, books and magazines. The stylish staff also regularly spin rock n’ roll singles at bars and clubs around town. Open every day except Sunday.

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