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What kind of traveller are you?

Are you one of those people who needs to have everything under control? Or one of those who never lets go of the selfie stick, not even when you go to bed? Or maybe you like to disconnect and switch to "airplane mode" when you travel. If you don't recognise yourself on the list below, you'll no doubt recognise some of your fellow travellers.

But first of all, I should warn you: I have an almost pathological tendency to classify people (it's all part and parcel of my obsession with order). I like watching them and grouping them into different categories. In fact, I often become so engrossed in watching people that I can come across as quite rude, and sometimes I end up getting dirty looks. That's exactly what happened the last time I took a flight. Here are the results of my "survey".

Which person do you identify with the most, or who do they remind you of?

The swot

That person who even before the plane has taken off is already reading the travel guide as if their life depended on it. They sometimes even have fluorescent pens and post-its (pro level). They want to know everything about the place they are visiting and repeat out loud the words or expressions most commonly used in the destination country, so that they'll seem like a local. There's always someone by their side who's grateful for their efforts and thinks, "Great, now I know who'll be our guide." You're the antidote for all those people who claim they "like to improvise" when in fact they're just too lazy to be organised. Carry on, and if you need any more resources here's our list of essential travel apps.

The influencer

You know who I'm talking about, right? It's that person who's always taking selfies and is really excited, as if they can't believe they're finally on holiday. They just have to tell their followers so that they can confirm it's not a dream (#holidaysatlast #seeyoulateralligator #imoutofhere). In their enthusiasm for being in the moment they no doubt drag their fellow travellers along with them, trying to fit them into the photo even if there's no room (that's when you wish you'd booked a bigger seat). My advice: surround yourself with people like that, if you yourself aren't the influencer, because their energy is infectious. And if you learn a few simple tricks for taking good selfies, you'll have some really great photos of your trip.

The spectator

This person doesn't usually reveal themselves until the end of the flight, just as the plane is landing. It's someone who at that precise moment needs to clap to show their enthusiasm, or to thank the crew for having arrived safe and sound. But however much they're mocked, they're not necessarily unaccustomed to flying. Quite the opposite, in fact: they're usually people who adore travelling and really live the moment! Combine this profile with the previous one, the excited influencer, and the result can be quite loud, and infectious even. So why not join in and turn the moment you land into a celebration?

Airplane mode

Just as there's someone who wants to squeeze every last drop out of the experience, there's also someone who just wants to disconnect from everything. After all, it's the only place where airplane mode is mandatory, and that can be a real gift. A few short hours to detox from the normal routine and obligations with the excuse of having no signal. In fact, there's a growing tendency to practise mindfulness while travelling. They say it allows you to enjoy your trip even more, in a fuller way, and to treat yourself to some peace and a quiet mind.

So, did you recognise yourself on the list or did one of the profiles remind you of anyone?

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