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What colour are aeroplanes painted?

Although planes are usually emblazoned with the airline colours and logo, it is hard to stand out from the competition because the main colour they all use is usually white. Planes are actually green when they come out of the factory, because of an anticorrosion layer that is applied to the fuselage. So why do so many airlines paint their planes white?

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Air Travel Guidelines

Some of the regulations you have to follow when you fly during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak include following safety guidelines, checking in online, using face masks and checking in your hand luggage. Airlines have strict protocols in place and powerful air filtration systems (HEPA) on board their planes, so you don’t need to worry about a thing and you can relax while you fly.

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IATA code: 3 letters so you don't get lost

BCN, CDG, VIE, LGW.... All frequent flyers (and regular players of Trivial Pursuit) know what these three letters mean. They are IATA codes, in other words, the three letters that identify every single airport in the world.

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The 4 top diving sites in Europe

You don't need to travel to Southeast Asia or the Caribbean to find the best sea beds: taking a plane to any of these destinations will suffice. Discover the best diving sites in Europe!

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