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The 4 top diving sites in Europe

You don't need to travel to Southeast Asia or the Caribbean to find the best sea beds: taking a plane to any of these destinations will suffice. Discover the best diving sites in Europe!

  • Malta

    Many people overlook Malta as a diving destination. But this country, which was of strategic importance for controlling the Mediterranean during World War II, hides countless treasures beneath its crystal-clear waters. Over time, the submarines, cargo ships and planes that have sunk off its coast have turned into spectacular artificial reefs, with the area around Cirkewwa being a favourite haunt for many divers.
  • Lanzarote, Spain

    This island has long been a popular destination for divers thanks to its undersea biodiversity. But, since 2016, a new "attraction" has captured the interest of many divers: the Lanzarote Underwater Museum, the only one in Europe to exhibit underwater sculpture. This strange exhibition, by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, is located to the south of the island at a depth of between 12 and 15 metres.
  • Iceland

    Go diving along a line that divides 2 continents? Yes, in Iceland you can! The passage of time has caused the frozen waters of the Langjökull glacier to gradually flood the Silfra fault, which separates America from Europe, and we can now dive the entire length of this rift which, at some points, plunges to a depth of 63 metres. And while no trace of sea life can been seen here, the transparency and purity of the water can make even the most experienced divers dizzy.
  • Madeira, Portugal

    Another little known yet high-potential destination for diving is the archipelago of Madeira. While the best time of year for diving is April to October, the subtropical climate means the water temperature ranges from 17 to 22 degrees throughout the year. One of the main advantages of choosing Madeira is that you can find very deeps areas without needing to go too far from the coast and, thanks to its location, you can discover Atlantic, Mediterranean and even tropical species.

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