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10 reasons why you should visit Malta

What do we know about Malta? We know it's one of the smallest countries in Europe, that it's an island with a pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round... Malta is an attractive and fascinating destination waiting to be discovered. A country with many hidden gems in its tiny surface area of just 316 square kilometres. What gems? Ok, here are 10 reasons to visit Malta.

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Ten things to do in Malta when the good weather arrives

Music, art, fireworks, ice-cold beers and endless nights on the beach. When the good weather arrives, Malta comes alive!

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These are Vueling’s new routes to Paris-Orly

New routes connecting Paris with Spain, Italy, UK, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Morocco and Malta, since November 2021.

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Beaches and Bays to Enjoy on the Maltese Coast

Like any fine group of islands in the Mediterranean, those making up the Malta archipelago have gone from being coveted by their neighbours for their strategic location to becoming the “apple of the eye” of tourists, on account of both their historic heritage and particularly their magnificent beaches and bays. Today we focus on this more idyllic aspect of these fantastic isles by touring some of the key enclaves along the coast.

Malta has beaches for all tastes and all types of use. There are large, easily accessible ones with a plethora of services which are perfect for families or those who want to holiday hassle-free. There are more secluded, less crowded coves where you can just relax and enjoy the views, spots where you can do sports like surfing, bays which can only be reached by boat and areas which are ideal for diving. Here, then, is a brief selection of some of the best beaches and bays you will encounter in Malta, Gozo and Comino, the three islands making up Malta.

Ghajn Tuffieha (Malta)

Situated next to the popular and crowded Golden Bay, in the north of the island, this beach of fine sand is much quieter and less crowded than its neighbour. The reason for this is that you have to walk down two hundred steps to get to the beach, which is a challenge for visitors. However, the effort is worth your while and you can always cool off by having a pleasant dip in the sea.

Mgiebah Bay (Malta)

Also located in the island’s north, very near a spot called Selmun, this bay has a beach of golden sand. Here the seaside is quiet and surrounded by nature in the raw. Getting there is a bit complicated but, as with the previous place, the circuitous approach is rewarded by diving you can do in stunning water, while the surrounding landscape is ideal for switching off.

Blue Grotto (Malta)

Although not a beach in the strict sense, this spot on the Malta coast is a must-visit for diving enthusiasts. The Blue Grotto is made up of six sea caves which nestle under cliffs in the south of Malta, some 13 kilometres fromValletta.You can’t fail to marvel at the crystal-clear water and coral-coated rocks. The best way to get there is by boat – the ride costs 7 euros, which is well worth paying to behold such a magnificent sight. The best time to visit the grotto is first thing in the morning, as daybreak brings shafts of sunlight that set up light effects which enhance the beauty of the spot even more.

Ramla il-Hamra (Gozo)

In the north of Gozo lies virtually the only sandy beach on this island. It is also the most popular one among locals and tourists. One of its peculiarities is the reddish coloured sand, which is quite striking when you first see it. Interestingly, the caves in this very same bay are where Odysseus is said to have been held captive for seven years by Calypso, the daughter of Atlas.

Dwejra and Azure Window (Gozo)

This beautiful gulf is located on the west coast of Gozo. It is characteristic for its stunning limestone arch, which visitors simply cannot resist photographing and sharing on social networks. It is an ideal spot for diving or boating, while enjoying the views of the coastline.

Blue Lagoon (Comino)

The island of Comino, which occupies an area of just 3.5 square kilometres, has a hidden paradise in the guide of its Blue Lagoon, a splendid bay with magnificent views which can only be reached by boat and which has crystal-clear waters that really tempt you to dive in and have a swim.

Get your Vueling and be sure to have a dip and recharge your batteries on some of the wonderful beaches and bays in the Malta archipelago.


Text by Los Viajes de ISABELYLUIS

Images by Malcolm Debono, Bs0u10e0, William Shewring, Jennifer Morrow, Robert Pittman, Flavio Ensiki

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