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What is Vueling’s Flight Credit?

Flight Credit is like a virtual moneybox where the money you paid for your cancelled bookings is kept, so you can use it to book again in the future. You can use it to book a flight for yourself or for someone else, and you can choose the date and the destination.

Because of the current situation, some airlines have decided to give travellers more flexibility so they can change their flight, or even cancel it, if they decide they aren’t going to fly in the end. The idea is that, if you’re thinking of going on a short break or visiting your family, you can book now with confidence, even if your plans change later on.

How do I use my Flight Credit?

If you have Flight Credit available, you’ll be able to spend it on your next trip. All you have to do is book a flight as normal and when you get to the payment page you’ll see the option to pay with Flight Credit (you’ll be asked for your email address and the code of the cancelled booking). And if you want someone else to use your Flight Credit, no problem! It’s not exclusively in your name.

If there isn’t enough Flight Credit to cover the total price of a booking, you can pay the remaining amount by card. If it’s the other way round (you don’t spend it all and have balance left over), this amount will be saved for the next flight you book.

How can I check my Flight Credit balance?

There are two ways of viewing your balance.

  1. Book a flight and before you pay, on the payment page, you can enter your email address and the cancelled booking code to see how much credit you have.
  2. Log in to your Vueling Club account or become a member. In your personal area you’ll find a section called “Check your Flight Credit”.

If you need more information, you can see all the details on Vueling’s website.

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