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The most veg-friendly cities

More and more people are becoming vegans nowadays, so more restaurants are starting to offer menus that are partially or completely free from animal products. Want to find out which are the most veg-friendly cities? Take a look!

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European Car Free Day: The cities with the highest awareness

Want to join in European Car Free Day? The aim of this initiative held every 22 September is to raise awareness about climate change by encouraging people to make their routine journeys on foot, by bike or by public transport. This year, as well as leaving your car at home, we invite you to inject some fun into it: get away to the European cities that are implementing policies to favour pedestrians and take a quiet stroll through the streets without worrying about the traffic.

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Things to do in London this summer

Don't you think major cities are a good place to spend the summer? Get that idea out of your head. Cosmopolitan cities actually offer plenty of events and activities to enjoy at this time of year. Discover, for instance, summer in London...

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Celebrate World Pride Day with us

The LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual) Pride Day, popularly known as World Pride Day is held on 28 June. We are talking about a celebration that dates back to 1970 and which commemorates the Stonewall riots that took place in New York in 1969, widely regarded as the start of the fight for this collective's rights.

The world's major cities celebrate this day in style with parades, parties and protests. These capital cities attract worldwide attention and turn their streets into a celebration to which everyone is welcome. Do you want to discover the most important ones? Here they are!

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