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2018 World Cup in Russia

The 21st World Cup kicks off on 14 June in Russia. It's the eleventh time it will be held in the Europe and the first time it is hosted by an Eastern European country.

How is Russia getting ready for the big event? What do we need to know about it? What are the 2018 World Cup dates? Since Russia was awarded the World Cup at the end of 2010, beating Spain-Portugal and Belgium-Netherlands, the country has been busy getting everything ready for the big event.

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Discover Lisbon, host city of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

Last year, Portuguese music was victorious for the first time at Eurovision thanks to Salvador Sobral and his song, "Amar pelos dois". So this year the song contest will be held in the capital of Portugal and the entire city is already getting ready for such an important event. So whether you've got a ticket to the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest or not, we would like to invite you to discover Lisbon.

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Discover Kiev, host city of the 2018 Champions League Final

The Champions League Final will take place in Kiev on 26 May. It is the first time it will be held in the Ukraine and the second time it is hosted by an Eastern European country, after the 2008 final in Moscow.

Ukraine is not a touristy country and not many people know it well, so this event will give us the chance to learn a bit more about its history and discover the sights in the capital (there are quite a few!). We would like to propose a weekend break in Kiev, a city full of monuments, markets, churches, and, of course, football!

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El 11 deportivo de Barcelona

1.- Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch | In the slopes of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Stadium there is the museum with the memories of that historic milestone for the city. Next to the stadium, you can also enjoy Palau Sant Jordi, Picornell swimmingpools and other Olympic venues.

2.- Museu del Barça | Beside the Camp Nou, on a day without match, the best thing to do is take the tour to the facilities of the club and wander through the Museum of FC Barcelona, an installation rich in multimedia material and historical memories of the club, such as the boots with which Koeman scored the goal that gave the first European Cup to the club.

3.- Palau Blaugrana|  Slightly eclipsed by the majestic Camp Nou. In Palau Blaugrana, lies one of the most familiar FC Barcelona values: its multidisciplinarity. Barça teams of Basketball, Handball, Roller Hockey and Futsal play their games in this ancient but hot venue.

4.- Frankfurt Pedralbes | The most traditional plan for Barça supporters is, before going to the game, stop by the more typical  frankfurt of the city to fill the stomach and share the atmosphere with other supporters at a establishment well known by all the locals.

5.- Estadio de Les Corts | Nothing remains of the former FC Barcelona stadium, but in here laid the headquarters of FC Barcelona before Kubala forced the club to build a new stadium (Camp Nou in Catalan). Les Corts  became too small when so many people wanted to see the Hungarian genius playing football.

6.- Estadio de Sarrià | Today,  it is only still standing the corner gas station from the former RCD Espanyol stadium. But even though to the naked eye are observed only luxury flats, the true football fan in that corner can easily see  the World Cup ’82 Stadium where Brazil and Italy left one of the best shocks in the history of the World Cup.

7.- Font de Canaletes | The tourist won’t even see the small fountain that on the right side of the top of the Ramblas observes all visitors if passes distracted. This is the Font de Canaletes where all Barca fans get together  to celebrate victories and championships and even the defeats of Real Madrid.

8.- Michael Collins Irish Pub | If there is a football game and you would like to see people drinking beer and having a good time in a good atmosphere, this is the place to be. The most famous irish pub in the city where you will always find people to watch any international  match. Overlooking Sagrada Familia.

9.- Hotel Vela | Barcelona coast’s architectural icon, this is the place chosen by FC Barcelona to spend the nights before the important Champions League matches. There begins the seafront promenade that runs all the Barcelona beaches, catwalk full of runners, cyclists, skaters, surfers and beach volleyball enthusiasts. The hotel also houses a cocktail bar with a trendy terrace.

10.- Estadi Cornellà-El Prat | Half field of the stadium is located in Cornella  and the other half is in El Prat, hence the name of the new home for RCD Espanyol. A modern and charming stadium full of very passionate supporters. It is worth a visit, while far from the city, and there is a large shopping center in front of the field.

11.- Olímpic de Badalona | Apart from being home to Joventut de Badalona, a traditional Catalan basketball club , any basketball lover should immediately associate this name to ‘Dream Team’. A unique team in the Sports history  formed by Jordan, Johnson, Bird and company amazed everyone in the Olimpic de Badalona.


By Panenka www.panenka.org

Picture by Yearofthedragon

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