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How to take great architecture photos

Follow these tips from Oriol Campuzano, a professional photographer specialising in architecture, and take home a stunning memento of your next trip. While you're at it, you'll not only learn how to look at cities differently. You'll understand them better as well!

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Stress-free packing with Marie Kondo

This Japanese decluttering guru has not only brought the "magic of tidying up" into our homes but into our suitcases as well. Her famous KonMari Method really hits the nail on the head when it comes to packing everything you need - and nothing but that - saving space and avoiding creases. Here are some of her tips for packing the perfect suitcase. Take note!

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Café Clock

A few minutes to Bab Bou Jeloud, the main entrance to the Medina Fez el-Bali is located Café Clock, a restaurant specialized in fresh salads and couscous and, in general, with a menu of recipes wider than the rest of restaurants in the area. Here you can enjoy both breakfast and lunch or dinner, or excellent Moroccan sweet snack between time, as it is open all day.

The waiters and chefs are so friendly that they will definitely share with you the secrets and tips of authentic Moroccan cuisine and the most interesting places to visit in Fez.

Furthermore, Café Clock organize numerous and varied activities, which are shown in their website .

7 Derb El Magana, 30000 Fez

Makes you want to go, right? Do it! Check out our prices here!


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Why we shouldn't print off our plane tickets

Did you know that the amount of paper consumed per person per year is 170 kg? That's 340 sheets of A4 paper! Almost one per day. Bearing in mind that nowadays we can store almost any document on our mobile phones (which, by the way, we always carry around with us), why don't we change our habits?

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