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La Zurriola Beach

Donostia is a fascinating city, with its unique gastronomy and outstanding beauty. But its privileged location on the Cantabrian coast has also turned it into the habitual destination for all lovers of surfing looking to take advantage of the best waves without having to leave the whirl of the big city.

While the La Concha beach is one of the more glamorous and traditional images of San Sebastián (its shell is replicated in the awards that are presented at the annual film festival), the La Zurriola beach has set itself up as one of the great paradises for surfers that live in the capital of Guipuzcoa. Flanked by the delightful Kursaal building and by the esplanade of the Gros district, this 800 metre long beach has also been the setting for some of the concerts of the San Sebastián Jazz Festival and the huge events taking place during the Semana Grande, in addition to surf and skate competitions and other events.

Por David Moreu

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The best Father's Day gift? Travelling, of course!

Not sure what to give your father on Father's Day? Why don't you forget about the typical tie or shirt this year and dare to do something different? Travelling for Father's Day would be the perfect gift, don't you think? We'll help you choose a destination... There's one to suit every type of father!

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13 reasons to visit northern Morocco

From Tangiers to Al Hoceima, passing through Tetouan. A 300-kilometre route that unveils another side of Morocco and enables you to admire the spectacular natural surroundings. If you can't decide between going to the beach or the mountains, read on because you'll find a bit of everything here.

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Destinations to get away from the cold

Do you hate the cold? Do you get depressed when you have to get your winter clothes out? Do you try and plan trips to the nearest beach during the winter? You can do something about it! You might have already been to these destinations to get away from the cold and this will bring back memories... or maybe it will inspire you to get away to a warm place in the next few months! Let's enjoy the good weather!

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