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La Maison Radieuse

During the reconstruction of the city of Nantes in the ’50s, after World War II, and having the idea of relieving the housing shortage at that time, Le Corbursier conceived La Maison Radieuse, one of the unité d’habitation (unit room) that have become a landmark in the twentieth century’s civil architecture which later, served as inspiration for many European cities.

The first of these Unité d’habitation was built in Marseilles. Later on, in 1955, was built a very similar version but slightly refined in Rezé, just 3 or 4 miles from Nantes.

At first sight, it is surprising that this building with symmetrical structure and vivid coloured windows in contrast to the gray of its structure was so revolutionary at that time. The idea was that the 294-duplex-apartments building would work formally and functionally independent as a boat. For that purpose, he included games communal areas and gardens.

Nowadays, most of the apartments are inhabited, but a few can be visited in this sort of original House-Museum.

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Le Hangar à Bananes

This former warehouse located at one end on the island of Nantes is a key point in the city nightlife. The name, Hangar à Bananes, is no accident. Since 1929 bananas were downloaded here arriving from the Netherlands and Ivory Coast, and stored to let mature. But with the independence of these colonies, traffic began to wane and eventually, the hangar was abandoned until it regained space because of the contemporary art biennial Estuaire 2007.

Taking Navibus that crosses the Loire, you get to this area where you will find a wide selection of stylish bars, restaurants, exhibition halls and nightclubs, as AlterCafe or Icone. Perfect to go any day of the week to eat or drink in the sunny terraces and enjoy a nice drink by the river Loire. In addition, the hangar environment preserves some interesting traces of its industrial past and other new works as the 18 rings by artist Daniel Buren, that light up in different colors at nightfall.

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