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8 fascinating facts you never knew about Ibiza

What do you know about Ibiza, apart from that it’s got incredible beaches and is a mecca for DJs, go-go dancers, ravers and celebrities? We’ve put together 8 fascinating facts about Ibiza, the largest of the Pityusic Islands (Ibiza and Formentera), which we bet you didn’t know.

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Ibiza beyond the parties: a slow gastro route

As a destination loved by many, misunderstood by others and unknown to the vast majority of mortals, Ibiza is paradise of lemon and carob trees, figs and salt. A gastronomic island eager to share everything it knows about what the land and sea have to offer in the way of cuisine. Just a stone's throw away - or a flight away with Vueling.

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Ibiza the Wellness Island

In our last post about Ibiza we went in search of the island’s culinary delights, coinciding with the #IbizaSabor2017 event, and found that it features a whole world of flavours waiting to be discovered. On this occasion we delve into its facilities for promoting well-being and present them in the form of places and activities for nurturing our body and mind to the full, turning our visit to Ibiza into a restorative experience. Fancy discovering this with us?

Take it Slow

By this stage everyone knows that yoga is highly beneficial to both body and mind. A few asanas to tone our body, a good set of stretching exercises and a decent spell of meditation give a boost to our everyday well-being. If on top of that we do it in a setting in the heart of nature, the experience can be absolutely arresting. This is what you’ll get at YogaRosa Retreats, the ideal place to pamper yourself on a yoga retreat in a dream environment where you will also come across Austrian chef Philip Gandler, who adds a touch of experience to the wholesome cuisine. Another place to get rid of stress through yoga is Ibiza Retreats, a painstakingly renovated property located just 5 to 10 minutes from Santa Eulàlia, Santa Gertrudis, San Lorenzo and the turquoise waters of Cala Nova beach, where they schedule nearly 30 retreats between late February and the end of October.

Discovering Rural Ibiza

You might be surprised to learn that there is life beyond Ibiza’s beaches and discos. Venturing inland reveals a host of beautiful rural areas where you can enjoy an alternative experience to the usual Ibizan sojourn. You could elect to stay in accommodation like Can Pardal, an exquisitely restored 16th-century Ibizan house in the north of the island set amid olive groves and fruit trees. Or else visit an organic farm, Can Obrador, located on the Camí des Pedrisset, on the main road between Ibiza and Santa Eulàlia, where you can learn the workings of environmentally-friendly farming systems, or see the Can Caus organic farm in operation up close.

My Life For a Spa!

Fast-paced modern living makes it well nigh impossible to pamper yourself so, why not use your getaway to Ibiza to treat yourself to a spa treatment in amenities where you will emerge feeling renewed? There are various hotels on the island which include a spa among their services, as at Migjorn Ibiza, featuring a spa where they apply geothermal, Thai, chocolate and essential oil techniques. Other venues include La Posidonia, with views of the Mediterranean from their spa which alone make the experience worthwhile, and the evocative spa at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, where you will come out feeling like new.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Sports enthusiasts will find that Ibiza has myriad open-air spots, full of magic and charm, where they can engage in sporting activities. The beaches are one of the main draws, where you can dive in crystal-clear water, go on a kayak tour, have a whale of a time doing kite-surfing, sail around the coastline or while away the time doing paddle boarding. You can also sign up for a bicycle tour of the island, go rock climbing or simply enjoy the island’s natural beauty while hiking along its footpaths.

Book your Vueling to Ibiza and discover the wellness awaiting you there.

Text by Los Viajes de ISABELYLUIS


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8 Cocktail Bars to Savour Ibiza

We decided to find out just what makes Ibiza so special and toured the island in search of the bars with the most amazing views. The unique lie of the land and natural surroundings make any cocktail taste just that much better at the edge of the Mediterranean. The fact is that the simplest things in life are often the best.

Blue Marlin Ibiza

If you’re the type that likes to have a cocktail right on the beach and extend your stay well into the night, then Blue Marlin is the place for you. After 13 years in commission, it has earned its fame as one of the cutting-edge beach clubs on the Ibizan scene. They offer a busy weekly programme of events, a gastro menu committed to local sourcing and haute cuisine, and a broad selection of in-house cocktails. Pick one of their comfortable sunloungers and pamper yourself for a day.

Nassau Beach Club

Nassau is the only beach club in Ibiza that has made it onto the coveted international list of “The World Finest Clubs”. Here, exclusiveness and entertainment are guaranteed all day long. Whether in the lounge or on the beach itself, a cocktail always comes in handy to while away a relaxing time at the water’s edge. So, lean back and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in one of the island’s most fashionable enclaves.

Nikki Beach Ibiza

Imagine reclining on a Balinese lounger within reach of the pool and the beach, and a select assortment of cocktails to taste. Couldn’t be bad, could it? Nikki Beach Ibiza has found its niche among the island’s beach clubs thanks to their excellent service and a gourmet menu based on international dishes. The club’s leisure offerings are one of their major assets in summer, as they feature themed events throughout the week.

Guaraná Salinas Beach Club

Surrounded by the unspoiled environment of the Ses Salines Nature Reserve, Guaraná is set in an exceptional location. While lying back into your hammock, you can spot Formentera on the horizon as you switch off and relax to the ambient music. Service includes a Mediterranean-style restaurant with freshly caught fish, rices and meat which are paired to perfection with all their cocktails.

Cotton Lounge

If you prefer to stay in town, but still want to catch the sea breeze on your skin, your best bet is to head for Cotton Lounge Club, an elegant, sophisticated establishment with an open-air terrace and panoramic views of the island of Formentera and Ibiza’s south coast. What more could you possibly want? Well, from a traditional Bloody Mary to a Margarita de Guayaba, there are lots of options to choose from. The decision is yours.


A crucial meeting point for anyone wanting to see the best sunsets on earth, Kumharas is a bar-restaurant on the beach with peerless charm. Their hippy essence and respect for and inclusiveness of alternative cultures, as attested by their schedule of performances, make this an alluring venue. One standout feature of their decor is the pirate defence tower, a symbol of Ibiza’s history, of which there are examples across the length and breadth of the island.

Golden Buddha

The orange hues of dusk stretch across the sky above the huge terrace of Golden Buddha. This highly inviting chill-out facing the sea, with Balinese sofas and loungers, affords a privileged vantage point for some beautiful sunsets and a place to savour their vast array of exotic dishes from all over the world. Together with one of their acclaimed mojitos, of course – holders of the accolade for the best in Ibiza.


Fancy a cocktail made with fresh fruit inside the magical Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s walled precinct? S’Escalinata is worlds apart from what we have seen so far. It is more informal, casual and carefree than other bars and has something which exerts a pull on its guests. Possibly the fact that there are no chairs, as you have to sit on poufs and cushions that hug this structure, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The staircase affords views of the city at your feet.

Text by Maricarmen Cruz of Gastronomistas.com

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