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Happy House

It is rare to find this kind of buildings in Germany, a country as jealous of its harmonic architecture. Even more in a town like Brunswick (Braunscheweig), located in Lower Saxony, just over 20 kilometers from Hannover.

Brunswick was a great example of this architectural consistency with old postwar buildings and characteristic half-timbered, forming a homogeneous whole.

Until the Happy Rizzi House stood in the historic heart, a five-storey building that contrasts sharply with the other buildings. This is a great work of modern art, full of smiling faces brightly colored, bug-eyed, crazy shapes and asymmetrical forms. Such a psychedelic collage!

Its construction on land that used to be part of the stables and fields of a Ducal Palace, so close to the church of Saint Andrews, caused much controversy and rejection in this population at the beginning. However, its construction continued starting in 1999 and it took two years to complete.

The funny thing is that, once the initial shock, most of the citizens of Brunswick came to love this "happy home" and now would be unwilling to demolish any way. And, to Brunswick, many tourists come just to observe its facade; not inside, which are labor offices, that can not be visited.

The idea came after a conversation of James Rizzi, New York artist and pop art exponent, with Jäschke Olaf, owner of the Aeschke gallery inBrunswick. They had already collaborated in the past but never to undertake a work of such magnitude.

Unfortunately, Rizzi died in late 2011. He was a beloved artist in Germany due to his work left and for his work with charities. Her hallmark were hi of three-dimensional paper sculptures, with prints of children's characters and vivid colors. These designs became translate into everyday objects, from small labels to larger works as a Volskswagen Beetle, trains and even aircraft.

But happy house is surely his most voluminous work, that will make you crack a huge smile when you see it.

Address of the Happy Rizzi House: Ackerhof 1 Braunschweig

Happy Rizzi House por Gerd Evermann | Boing 757 por Gero Brandenburg | Happy House por Magnus Manske | James Rizzi por Alexander Lieventhal

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Love Hanover

By Tensi Sánchez from actitudesmgz.com

If Grimm brothers continue writing fairy tales, they might dedicate a special mention for the moors which hosts the enchanted city of Hanover , the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony; a city that has been rebuilt with the passing of time, but today it still retains that magical air so typical of small German towns.

The eclectic style of the city is present at every step, the center of the city called Stadtmitte has the peculiarCentral Station – Haupbtbahnhof , a key point for connecting for surrounding area trains and focal point of the life of the Germans, because in its interior there is a large underground shopping area full of exotic restaurants and many shops that extend to Kröpcke station , an amazing shopping gallery beneath the streets of Hanover. It is definitely the perfect place to eat very economically, do not hesitate to try the gastronomic variety Back Factory : the famous pretzel, the wide variety of snacks or sweets Sedans, plus in this shopping area you can visit its unusual shops and store underground for boys and girls One Green Elephant .

In the center of the city, we can find several commercial galleries such as Ernst-August- Galeri or Galeria Kaufhof leading the most exclusive streets of the German city, full of shops and fancy restaurants. Among downtown streets, you can find an exquisite women fashion store known as Zöe where you’ll discover the womenswear collections not suitable for all pockets!. You should not miss the stock shop T•k•maxx where you will access to large firms for men, women and children at unbelievable prices.

Around Kröpcke, we discover Hussel Chocolates, a real chocolate heaven, where we can choose from a wide variety of chocolates in all flavors: pralines, truffles, chocolate with orange … Ideal for gourmands!. Very close to Hussel, we find Butlers, a design shop, full of these curious objects that make our lives more fun: mugs, magnets, posters and postcards …

Not only can you enjoy the wonders that Hanover offers during the day, but at night the city dresses in fashion for a few drinks in the best pubs. To begin the evening, a move to to taste Loretta’s Biergarten’sdishes, as, for instance, their delicious goat cheese wrapped in bacon or tagliatelle with venison, together with an authentic German beer in their spectacular garden terrace. After dinner and if you feel like a night out, the best option is to go to the trendiest nightclub in Hanover, Osho Disco, three floors where you can dance to the latest music.

A few blocks southwest lies the old city, Altstadt, undoubtedly the favorite place to find small boutiques, antique shops and enticing restaurants. In the surroundings of the Market Church, we may find made-in-Hannover small boutiques as the women’s clothing store Spitzl AnetteMarie Jo’s boutique or BBP Prêt à Porter’s designs .

Continuing along Knochenhauerstraße, we discover a piece of Mallorca in Hanover. Here it is Ein Stück Mallorca, a jeweler with pieces made of gold and silver with inlaid minerals, authentic artwork. Not only we have a “little piece” of Mallorca but also very close to this street you can find a small bakery in true French style, we talk about Glücksmoment, a very intimate and welcoming place to find endless varieties of muffins, cupcakes, chocolates, French macaroons … Exquisite!

On Kramerstraße street, there is a wide variety of small shops and antiquarians as Antiquitäten or Jordan, where you may find used books, pieces of glassware, pottery jars, vintage posters and the most diverse objects from the past, certainly the most charming part of the city immersed in Old Germany’s classic buildings.

Continuing through old town streets we find Balhofplatz, a wide and centenary square, the idyllic place to relax and have a nice cup of tea on the terrace of Tee Flubehen or enjoy a lovely German meal in the very authentic Restaurant Silver & Gold, both adjacent and near Leine river, on whose banks are held old Town trail on Saturdays.

One of the most beautiful landscapes you will see in Hanover is Maschsee Lake, a huge artificial lake. Take a sunset stroll along the bank of the lake to Yachtschule Hanover landing, where you can rent boats to sail or dinner amidst one of the best and most incredible views of the city.

To round off this German experience, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Gardens Herrenhausen, just minutes from the city center by public transport. You’ll come to one of the greatest and beautiful Baroque gardens in Germany. Next to them is located the English-style botanical garden Berggarten.

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A few kilometers from Hanover lies the city of Hamelin, known by the Brothers Grimm tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin. This city is part of the fairytale path you can take through Germany.

If you walk along the streets, you will find many references to the story. The Pied Piper freed the city from a plague of rats with his flute playing a hypnotic melody with which led them to the river to drown. Having received no reward, he decided to take revenge taking children from the city to enclose them in a cave.

Now, you can explore the city through a rat line drawn on the ground, visiting the house recreated by flutist or spend Bungelosenstrasse Street (street without drums) which says that the piper met for kidnapping children

The cobbled streets of Hamelin, the towers and walls of the Middle Ages still preserved its charming houses or make you feel likr you are really in a tale city.

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The Red Line

The best way to learn by your own and guide yourself across Hanover, is to follow the route of its Red Line (Roter Faden) painted on the floor. Simply follow the 4,200 meters of its zigzagging red line that will take you through the 36 most important places in the city, discovering on your way different monuments, museums, fountains, gardens and essential buildings to learn everything of Hanover. And there are few just because Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony, is one of the cities with more cultural and architectural importance of the country

The tour begins in front of the Tourist Office and ends in the Ernst-Augusty, opposite the Central Station passing through the Opera House, the Historical Museum, the Church of St. Agatha, the new City Hall and the Museum August Kestner among many other interesting places.

Picture by Heidas

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