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A few kilometers from Hanover lies the city of Hamelin, known by the Brothers Grimm tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin. This city is part of the fairytale path you can take through Germany.

If you walk along the streets, you will find many references to the story. The Pied Piper freed the city from a plague of rats with his flute playing a hypnotic melody with which led them to the river to drown. Having received no reward, he decided to take revenge taking children from the city to enclose them in a cave.

Now, you can explore the city through a rat line drawn on the ground, visiting the house recreated by flutist or spend Bungelosenstrasse Street (street without drums) which says that the piper met for kidnapping children

The cobbled streets of Hamelin, the towers and walls of the Middle Ages still preserved its charming houses or make you feel likr you are really in a tale city.

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