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Canary Islands: What's the best souvenir?

Are you lucky enough to have booked a trip to the Canary Islands to enjoy their eternal springtime? Congratulations! Because as well as coming back with a tan, a fridge magnet in the shape of a camel and a mug with a picture of the seven islands, you can bring lots more things home. And no, we haven't included the islands' typical bananas on the list of souvenirs from the Canaries!

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Day of the Canary Islands: 10 places not to be missed

Urban beaches, idyllic little coves, rolling hills, mountainous landscape, lunar landscape, sunsets, forests, mountains, fairy-tale paths and friendly locals. The Canaries have it all!

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Eco-friendly hotels in the Canaries for a holiday in contact with nature

The environment has become a mainstream topic of conversation, and more and more hotels are adopting a philosophy centred around respect for nature. The Canary Islands have also embraced this trend. Here's a list of the top eco-friendly places to stay. If you like nature, then the Canaries are undoubtedly the ideal destination for you.

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Destinations to enjoy summer in winter

Winter – our least favourite season! Shorter days, warm clothing, cold outside... If you prefer a warmer climate, you'll be counting the days for it to get warm again. But sometimes we forget that there are places where it feels like summer all year round, and not too far away!

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