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Canary Islands: What's the best souvenir?

Are you lucky enough to have booked a trip to the Canary Islands to enjoy their eternal springtime? Congratulations! Because as well as coming back with a tan, a fridge magnet in the shape of a camel and a mug with a picture of the seven islands, you can bring lots more things home. And no, we haven't included the islands' typical bananas on the list of souvenirs from the Canaries!

  • Aloe vera products

The Canary Islands are world-famous for their aloe vera, which is used to make all kinds of cosmetics. Gel, moisturiser, sun cream... you'll be amazed by its medicinal properties!

  • "Papas arrugás" sauce

Don't try to bring home a plate of papas arrugás (wrinkled potatoes) in your suitcase. Seriously, don't. But what you can bring home is a few pots of mojo rojo and mojo verde (red or green sauce), which you can find in any supermarket.

  • A bottle of "ron miel" (honey rum)

Although we don't really want to encourage drinking, we have to recommend this delicious alcoholic beverage. Save space in your case for a bottle or two!

  • Lava jewellery

Volcanoes are one of the treasures of the Canary Islands, so it's no surprise that lava is used to make jewellery. If we bear in mind that taking home volcanic rock from the nature reserves is not allowed, this will probably be your only chance to get a unique souvenir straight from the heart of the islands.

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