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Where to go for Halloween

We usually travel for fun, but if you feel like having a terrifying adventure this Halloween, check out the 3 destinations we've selected for you. This 31 October enjoy a terrific mini-break!

  • Transylvania, Romania

If you want to celebrate Halloween in the world's most terrifying place, then head to Transylvania. Located approximately 200 kilometres from Bucharest, this amazing region shot to world fame after Bram Stoker published his fictional novel "Dracula". This is where you'll find Bran Castle, a gloomy-looking medieval fortress which, according to legend, inspired the most famous vampire story in the world. But this castle is just one stop on the tours organised around the mythical figure of Count Dracula, which usually include visits to other nearby medieval towns like Targoviste and Sibiu.

  • London, England

Who knows whether it's because of it's dark past or the bloody legends surrounding its history, but the truth is that many people choose London to spend the most terrifying night of the year. One of the most popular activities in London at Halloween is the Jack the Ripper tour, which follows the footsteps of the famous serial killer who scared the living wits out of the British capital's population in the late 19th century. We dare you to take the tour!

  • Meath, Ireland

If there's one place on this terrifying tour that we couldn't forget it's Ireland, because it was in this country, back in 100 AD, that Halloween was first celebrated as a pagan festival. So as you can imagine, Halloween is a very intense event here, though if we had to choose a place to spend the night it would be County Meath, not far from Dublin. For the last 10 years the place has been home to the "Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival", packed with terrifying activities revolving around spells, horror stories and witch costumes.

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