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Bests clubs in Zagreb

The Croatian capital has a lively nightlife. On the streets Preradoviceva, Tkalčićeva and Kozarska of Gornji Grad- Upper City-and at the central square you may find many bars, pubs and breweries to start the night, from the most chic and stylish venues to the most alternative ones. You can start from one of the most legendary such as Skola or Hemingway and end up in the Jarun lake area, where there are some of the most prestigious clubs in Zagreb, such as Aquarius Club, Gallery or Maison Club.
Summer nights are especially buzzing in the capital. In Zagreb you have an extra incentive with the celebration of of one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe, INmusic Festival which brings the best international bands each year !

Spunk/ Prostor Do

Spunk has recently been extended with the bar next to it, the Prostor Do -which literally means next door- to form this great and popular venue full of students. Evenings tend to be enlivened by performances by young musicians who have here the first oportunity to get noticed. Do not miss the detail of the walls Spunk / Prostor Dor, with the works of the famous Croatian artist Igor Hofbauer.
Spunk/ Prostor Do
Hrvatske bratske zajednice b.b., 10 000 Zagreb 

Vintage Industrial Bar

Another unique venue to start the night is Vintage Industrial Bar, an old button factory with a marked industrial look, as indicated by its descriptive name. Rustic furniture and a long bar that runs the premises from end to end. You can attend its lively parties and concerts at very affordable prices.
Vintage Industrial Bar
Savska cesta 160, 10000 Zagreb

Kino Europa

As it happens in all cities, the arrival of multiplex cinemas have led to the closure of the smaller rooms. The Cinema Europe – Kino Europa- has taken advantage of the opportunity to be reconverted into a multipurpose venue in which film festivals as well as other parties and DJ sessions are organized. Now this old space has become a very attractive place and a must for the Croatian youth.
Kino Europa
Varšavska 3, 10000 Zagreb

Sokol Klub

Its downtown location, has made of Sokol one of the busiest clubs for over 20 years. A place where you can forget about everyhting and live the real night in Zagreb. With an easy dress-code and capacity for 400 people, you will meet all kinds of people at Sokol Klub. It was a must from the golden age of Croatian dance scene and nowadays you can enjoy a dance evening with local music
Sokol Klub
Marshal Tito Square 6, Zagreb


By the Jarun Lake’s surroundings are located some of the most exclusive clubs in the city. One of the most renowned is the Aquarius Klub, with good international DJ sessions and good atmosphere. The night of Thursday to Friday are mainly hip-hop, R&B, while Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to local and international hits.
Aquarius Klub
Aleja Matije Ljubeka b.b., Zagreb


Gallery lies a little further, along the lake. It is normal to find the city’s celebrities between models and footballers. A two-floor building with a capacity of 2000 people in which you ensure long dancing nights. Fridays are dedicated to hip hop and r’n'b while Saturday are for house music..
Aleja Matije Ljubeka, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Tvornica Kulture

Great rock and pop concerts are held in this big multicultural venue. Renovated in 2011 to become one of the major concert halls and much more. It works as a cafeteria during the day and weekend’s nights offer dance and visual sessions
Tvornica Kulture
Šubićeva 2, 10000 Zagreb

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From Dubrovnik to Zagreb (via Split)

If you visit Croatia, there is a way to go across the country, from south to north (or the other way around), in less than two weeks and visiting its three most interesting cities:

Dubrovnik (south), Zagreb (north) y Split (in the middle).


To get downtown from the airport, take a taxi (30-40€) or the buses from ATLAS company which drive regularly through the 20 km. from the airport to the city centre.

In the old town, do not miss the wall, the Franciscan Monastery with a pharmacy from 14th century, Lovrijencac Fountaine, Onofrio Fountain or Luza Square, and its surroundings. If you need more information or maps, the nearest Tourism Office is on Brsalje Street.

From the city, go and visit the Korcula island, the National Park of Mjle island or the Elafit islansi. The city of Ston and its Chinese wall or the medieval city Cavtat are other destinations near Dubrovnik. You can get to all these islands and cities by ferries or bus.

To get to the next destination, Split, there are buses mostly every hour, doing 223km. between both cities.


Walking around the old town or the Palace of Diocletian, UNESCO heritage, is the first thing you should do when you arrive to the city. After the palace, take a walk in the seafront by the Adriatic sea. From Split you can visit Brac islands, Hvar or Vis, accesible by ferry, sailboat or fast boats.

Roman ruins from old Salona (Solin nowadays) are only 10 km. away from Split and are one of the most important archaeological sites in the country. Trogir, 28 km north, is also UNESCO heritage. To get there, there are buses and boats from the seafront. Finally, by the end of Cetina river, you can find a pinturesque village, Omis, 24 km. south and connected by bus to the city.

Before the final destination, Zagreb, Sibenik is 88 km. away and you can get there by bus or train. Do not miss its streets and the Santiago Cathedral, a UNESCO heritage. The Plitvice National Park is also near and the most known in Croatia. 16 lakes connected by waterfalls, you can sped from 3 to 8 hors walking around the spot. In the park there are hotels and two camping areas. It’s convenient to book previously.


Just arrived to Zagreb, a city with more than 40 museums, including Broken relationships Museum, Mimara Museumor Naif Art Museum.

“Uptown” you can visit Ban Josip Jelacic Square, Dolac Market, Katarina square or the J.J. Strossmayer Avenue.”Downtown” there are squares dedicated to Nikola Subic Zrinski, to the king Tomislav, or to Mariscal Tito. Finally, in the city centre, there are Contemporary Art Museum, el Bundek park, Jarun lake, Mirogoj cementery or Maksimir Park.

To get to Zagreb airport, 17 km. from the city centre, take the bus for 4,10€ or taxi for 30-40€.

Photos by Stewart Morris, Elena and Delaina Haslam. Thanks to the Croatian Tourism Office for the information.

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