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Looking for somewhere cool to travel in summer? Try Reykjavik, Oslo or Helsinki

Many people make a beeline for the beach in summer, but you have other plans for the holidays. If you fancy grabbing your raincoat instead of your swimming costume, here are three cool destinations that you might like. Next stop – Reykjavik, Oslo or Helsinki!

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Oslo: Pure Life, Pure Trend

By Tensi Sánchez from actitudesmgz.com

The city of Oslo is located in the formation of one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway which is named the same way. Surrounded by more than 40 islands, lakes and woods, it´s one of the most amazing cities of Scandinavia.

It´s a great destination when we plan a trip thanks to the wide range of activities that the city offers. Nature and metropolitan trends are perfectly mixed, nowadays making the city an essential destination for every architecture, art, design and nature lover. Actually, Oslo is the only city in the world which offers access to sky slopes by metro, so that makes it appealing in every season of the year.

It´s development has been brutal over the last ten years, placing it as one of the highest living standard capital in the world. What is more, lately new museums have been opened in town and they have become the port in a hive of culture and leisure. That´s why Oslo is an attractive destination for tourists.

The best option to start moving around the city is to buy the Oslo Pass ticket which gives access to transport and museums.

The port located in Aker Brygge area, contains modern buildings, restaurants, museums, galleries and shops where you can easily get lost a whole day.
Following Aker Brygge, we walk through the zone of Tjuvholmen where the Astrup Fearnley Museum of modert art built in 2012 by the architect Renzo Piano, is placed. Its peculiar architecture and location make it Oslo’s most amazing museum among others. In the same zone the recently inaugurated The Thief is located: one of the city’s most impressive hotel. Its hall is a visit not to be missed.

From the same port and with the Oslo Pass card, you can take the ferry that transports you to the island of the museums situated in the area of Bygdoy. The most interesting ones are the Fram Museum, which hosts the breathtaking icebreaker and the Museum of the Vikings Boats. But there are plenty more. Back to the port you can have a drink in some of its boat-bar or restaurants, enjoying in the open air of one of the most beautiful views to the fjord. Among all the restaurants we highlight Lofoten and Onda Sea for its magnificent fish and fresh seafood.

Scandinavian design, in particular the Norwegian one is very precious. Its habitants can boast of being situated in a very good level and being well appreciated. The Norwegian style nowadays it’s on the rise and its fashion, design and decoration shop are a proof of it.

Among them we highlight: Balder Interior , Dapper, Moods of Norway, Pur-Norsk, Koma, Tulip & Tatamo Trikotasje, Norway Design; and last but not least House of Oslo: the first and only shopping mall of Norway specialized in design and Norwegian lifestyle, with more than 20 shops distributed over its four floors.

Sunday it´s the perfect day for visiting Blå market in the area of Grünerløkka which is placed on the other side of Akerselva River. A very trendy meeting point for eating or enjoying live local music. This market is very peculiar as you can discover marvelous vintage clothes, purses, books, records, accessories etc., in an unique atmosphere. In fact, it´s the area where cheapest beer and most amazing graffiti that you won´t stop admiring, are.

Grünerløkka zone is far from the noise of the tourists and getting lost through its streets and discovering its shops, restaurants and bars it´s very appealing.

Very close to Blå, in Vulkan, is located a building (inaugurated this year as well) with industrial appearance that places a gastronomic cultural center: Mathallen, where products from Norwegian manufacturers and imported products can be eaten and bought. It´s perfect for enjoying local food.

Around the building shops, bars and contemporary art galleries are being inaugurated, for example Vulkan Gallery. Without any doubt it will be a zone to take into account in the city.

Oslo is a city culturally alive; especially when the weather is good. That´s why we can´t miss festivals like Øya, which is the biggest open air pop- rock music festival in Norway.

If you are want to get to know more about Oslo check the webpage Visit Oslo and discover thousands of possibilities that the city and its surroundings offer you.

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By Tensi Sánchez from actitudesmgz.com

Photo and video : Fernando Sanz

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The most popular bicycle route in Norway is that runs parallel to the railway line which, since the end of the 19th century, runs from Bergen to Oslo, the Rallarvegen, with 80 km that can go in two or three days from mid-July to late September.

During your route by Rallarvegen you will enjoy both the beauty of its landscapes, which vary greatly from Arctic nature of Hardangervidda to the green valleys of Flamsdalen, as the cultural treasures that still remain.

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European Car Free Day: The cities with the highest awareness

Want to join in European Car Free Day? The aim of this initiative held every 22 September is to raise awareness about climate change by encouraging people to make their routine journeys on foot, by bike or by public transport. This year, as well as leaving your car at home, we invite you to inject some fun into it: get away to the European cities that are implementing policies to favour pedestrians and take a quiet stroll through the streets without worrying about the traffic.

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