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Destinations to get away from the cold

Do you hate the cold? Do you get depressed when you have to get your winter clothes out? Do you try and plan trips to the nearest beach during the winter? You can do something about it! You might have already been to these destinations to get away from the cold and this will bring back memories... or maybe it will inspire you to get away to a warm place in the next few months! Let's enjoy the good weather!

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Pay attention to the striking of this tiny little village in the province of Bari!. Although not the only one in Italy with such buildings, it is definitely the most special of them all. Alberobello accumulates a large number of these houses that remain in excellent condition therefore the beautiful ensemble was declared in 1996World Heritage Site by UNESCO . These constructions are called trulli and they have this original circular shape with a conical roof made of stone.

When constructing them, the first intention was to build dwellings that were short-lived and easily removable to avoid taxation by the settlement. By contrast, ironically, trulli have stood for centuries. Actually, in many of these tiny houses are now installed restaurants and shops , and others are still inhabited by friendly locals who welcome the traveler as anyone.

Picture by MatthiasKabel

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Il Poetto Beach

Its white and fine sand, the calm and clear waters and the proximity to downtown make of il Poetto Beach one of the most important of the Italian island of Sardinia. This is the most extended beach in Italy, with more than 7 kilometers in length ranging from Sella del Diavolo (the Devil’s Chair) to coastal Quartu Sant’Elena..

The beach is very popular during the day and night because it’s very well connected from the dowtown by a regular buses line from Via Roma. During the day tourists flock both Clagiari residents to enjoy this paradise and in the evening you can dine in one of its many restaurants or enjoy accessible music and live concerts from the bars.

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Greeting the Spring with Prosecco

Prosecco is one of the most popular beverages in the Veneto region, where any excuse is good to uncork a bottle, taste it and toast with it. This wonderful sparkling white wine, which tends to range from dry to extra dry, is produced mainly in the province of Treviso, very near one of the region’s most touristic cities – Venice.

This kind of wine is made from the Glera grape variety, formerly known as Prosecco, hence the name. The largest and best known producers of Prosecco are the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, situated in the north of Treviso province.

Being white and sparkling, it often tends to be compared to champagne, for which it is used as a substitute in Italy. However, there are many differences between them. Champagne ferments in the bottle and can last a long time, while Prosecco should be drunk as soon as possible and preferably within two years. For those of you who like cocktails, the name Prosecco must surely ring a bell, as it is the main ingredient in a cocktail prepared with peach called Bellini which, incidentally, first saw the light in Venice.

The Prosecco Spring

For the last 21 years this fantastic sparkling wine has been celebrated in the province of Treviso in what is known as the Primavera del Prosecco (Prosecco Spring). This year the event will be extended until 12 June and is scheduled to be packed with activities, including visits to wine cellars, wine tasting sessions, contests involving dishes made with Prosecco, photo competitions and cultural tours of the province. The programme also features sporting events, notably cycling routes through the area and walks among the vineyards.

One of the major spin-off advantages of visiting Treviso for this long celebration is that the landscape will be carpeted in all its finery at the time, with the countryside taking on deep green hues and temperatures rising to pleasant levels – the perfect time for enjoying nature. The best views are to be had from Monte Grappa, well known for the battles that were fought there during both World Wars. It is also very popular among mountain bikers. Another lofty vantage point for soaking up the scenery is Monte Cesen. Hikers who enjoy wandering through forests should head for the Cansiglio, Italy’s second largest forest where red deer roam through their ideal habitat of beech and fir trees.

The area is also well suited to enthusiasts of agritourism, with a large number of dedicated facilities available. One such facility is La Dolza, located in the village of Follina, where visitors can immerse themselves in the old farming traditions of the area. Another is Le Noci, an old farmhouse where you can get back to nature and taste the local cuisine.

And, since you’re in Italy, local cuisine is of course one of the standout features in the area, with a large number of restaurants to choose from. We highly recommend Locanda Sandi, a restaurant associated with the Villa Sandi wine cellar and set in magical surroundings, and Ristorante Tipico Conegliano Per Di Perenzin, located in San Pietro di Feletto, where the speciality is cheeses.

Take your Vueling to Venice, tour this beautiful region and treat yourself to its stellar wine – Prosecco!


Text by Los Viajes de ISABELYLUIS

Images by Primavera del Prosecco

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