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Top destinations this autumn

The trees have turned yellow and golden. Autumn has suddenly arrived and we think that the best way to make the most of it is by travelling! Today we would like to invite you to travel in autumn and discover our favourite destinations.

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La Canea is one of the most beautiful cities in Crete, particularly for its Venetian buildings from the 15th century and the Mosque of the Janissaries.

The city grew up around the end of the Minoan era as an important city-state in Classical Greece, its borders extending from the bay of La Canea to the foot of the white mountains.

The Splantzia district, behind the port, has preserved all its ancient charm.

The city is also home to an Archaeology Museum with an excellent collection of Minoan ceramics and clay tablets and the enormous Schiavo Bastion. The lighthouse located at the end of the Venetian wall of the port is the best place on the island to go shopping.

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Take up a sport, lose weight, stop smoking, learn English... Whatever your new year's resolution or wish, you'll achieve it. All you need to do is travel! And here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

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Siguiendo los pasos de Ulises

This piece of land bathed by the Mediterranean harbors is one of the most beautiful places of Greece. Its spectacular beaches combine with cultural attractions, where modernity and comfort have learned to respect the tradition of one of the oldest cultures of mankind.

The capital has the same name as the island: Corfu and stands out as the largest Greek medieval city and one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Let's get lost in nooks and crannies ...


One of the must see places of Corfu is certainly Spianada Square, one of the largest in Greece in extent and meeting place for visitors and tourists.

The most prominent building in the square is the Ribbon, whose beautiful arcades provides a good shadow to take shelter from the sun. In northern Spianada stands the Palacio de San Miguel and San Jorge, which dates from the early British occupation (1814-1824) and in the east we found a Venetian fortification of the fifteenth century.

In the same square, we also find the New Fortification, the council (s XVII), the Ionian Academy and the Ionian Parliament. The Reading Company, the oldest cultural foundation of modern Greece and Ancient Prefecture, Kapodistrias old building that now houses the offices of the Ionian University.

The Corfu neighborhoods: Kampielo, Mouragia, Mantouki and Ombriaki

Getting into the bowels of the capital, we find a maze of cobbled streets. We are in the neighborhood Kampielo, the oldest and one of the Corfu that retain the charm. Following the route, we arrive at Mouragia neighborhood, an authentic coastal beauty surrounded by walls, where each photograph becomes a spectacular postcard. Down to the sea, we stumbled upon the Mantouki, in inmeiaciones the new port and the old Jewish quarter, known as the Ombriaki.

Arriving to Corfu town, find the square Soroko, landmark of modern island life and a good stop on the way to regain strength.

The art in Corfu

As we would expect, an archipelago full of history, the island of Corfu hosts three museums. The Archaeological Museum, which contains remains of excavations in situ; the Byzantine and post-Byzantine Museum of Art; and the Asian Art Museum.

The Corfu beaches

No doubt about it! We are in a privileged place to enjoy the sun and the beach. In this little slice of Mediterranean paradise, we found some spectacular beaches.

Maybe the beaches of Corfu do not enjoy the popularity of its neighbors, but we are among the best in the Mediterranean.

On the east coast, the most beautiful are Kerasia, Kouloura, Nisaki, Barbati, Dasia, and the tourist resort of Komeno, Agios Ioannis, Peristeron, Benitses... While in the north, we highlight Achavari, Sidari and Peroulades. But if we have to choose one, our favorite is Arilas, perhaps one of the most beautiful on the island, with fine sand and an assortment of small islands that give it its quaint touch.

Also nice are Paleokastrina, Ermones, Mirtiotisa and Glyfada, that has become a massive resort.

After this stop on your journey to Ithaca, we are confident that Ulysses scored on its agenda as a must to return to.

By Nadia Polo

Corfu by Bogdan Giuşcă | Corfu by Dr K | Fortaleza Frourio in Kerkyra by Tasoskessaris | Monasterios de Pondikonisi y Vlajerna en la isla de Pontikonisi by StefanosKozanis | Talon de Aquiles by Tasoskessaris | Palacio Achilleion by Thomas Schoch

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