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Christmas in Russia

Christmas is full of traditions and every country, city and home has their own. Year after year you have the same traditions: buy a big Christmas tree, decorate it with tinsel, have family meals, sing Christmas songs, etc. Fancy enjoying a different kind of Christmas this year? Next stop: Christmas in Russia!

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Christmas in London

Christmas is a time of traditions. We usually do the same things year after year. So, why not do something different for a change? We have a great idea that we know you'll love: a Christmas getaway! You can embrace this new tradition by travelling to a city that loves to celebrate Christmas. Next stop: Christmas in London!

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“Flying” Christmas tree ornaments

Here’s an idea to personalise your Christmas tree: make your own paper ornaments and write your wishes for next year on them. This will surely help them come true!

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Europe's five best Christmas markets

To give us a break from those cold and rainy winter days, the last month of the year there are lights that shine in the darkness. Stalls selling crafts and typical food are set up in major European cities, the streets are decorated, a large Christmas tree is put up, Christmas carols can be heard... Discover Europe's most magical Christmas markets! Just a tip – wrap up warm!

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