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Wegue Wegue: Lisbon by Buraka Som Sistema

The Buraka Som Sistema sound is that of the Angolan immigrant in Portugal, although its moves are not exclusively kuduro and you can easily sense the inner influence of the most urban grimey and the outer influence of the crazy crunked.

We speak to Kalaf, one of the vocalists with the band, who tells us about his favourite places in Lisbon.

Kalaf loves Lisbon because it is a meeting point between Europe and Africa, open to the world and other cultures, and full of fun and warmth.

A good place to start enjoying the riverside part of the city is in Docas, under the Puente 25 de Abril. This entertainment area is very lively in the evenings and a great place for jogging during the day.

Another interesting place located on one of Lisbon’s seven hills is Alfama. The Feira da Ladra street market is held every Tuesday and public holiday. Kalaf usually visits this market in search of second-hand vinyl records. Very close to the market, on the same hill, can be found the San Jorge Castle, which can be visited by taking number 28 yellow tram .

One of the best big clubs in Europe is LUX, in the Santa Apolonia district. A lot of people say that John Malkovich is the owner, but that is just a rumour.

The club is located in a very fashionable area full of good restaurants and shops. Well placed close to the river and the ports, this district was once rather run down but has now been revitalised into a place where the new and the old co-exist in perfect harmony.

Every two months, Buraka take up residence at LUX and organise Kuduro parties with the independentEnchufada music label, who published their album From Buraka to the World in 2006 and Komba album in 2011.

In the same area can be found the Bica do Sapato, which according to Kalaf is one of the best pizza restaurants in Lisbon.

Another of the most interesting parts of Lisbon is the Barrio Alto, a rather Bohemian and very central part of the city full of galleries and shops that is a regular meeting point for the locals. On the 6th floor of the Hotel de la Plaza Luís de Camões is a restaurant and terrace that he likes to visit because of the great views of the river and bridge.

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