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Vinyl Record Route Around Europe

How many times have you heard that vinyl records are dead? Some say CDs and then the arrival of digital music buried vinyl records. But this is far from the truth – vinyl records are making a comeback and it is still one of people's favourite music formats. On 12 August, the world celebrates Vinyl Record Day, to remember the date on which Edison invented the phonograph back in 1877.

Nowadays, major cities across Europe are full of shops and street markets where you can go shopping and add to your personal collection. Fancy buying new records? Then come with us!

  • London

The birthplace of so many stars and music styles, London is a music capital of the world, and you can obviously find many record shops here. People tend to browse street markets on public holidays to find hidden gems. Try Brick Lane, Camden and Portobello.

If we had to choose just one place, it would be Soho on a sunny day. And make sure you bring lots of pounds in your pocket!

  • Amsterdam

Despite the city being quite expensive, it isn't hard to find affordable records and second-hand shops in Amsterdam. Collecting is quite a popular hobby here, so it's easy to find all kinds of music and bargains in many street markets and specialised shops.

Don't miss the famous Waterlooplein Market, which is on every day and is extremely popular, especially at the weekend.

  • Gothenburg

The second largest city in Sweden, birthplace of international artists like The Knife, José González and In Flames, is also famous for its retro and vintage culture. Although it may look like a cold city, with its port, Gothenburg has modern spots and even districts with record shops on every corner.

Explore Majorna or Haga districts to discover the latest trends in this northern city. And to buy records, of course!

  • Paris

Paris is just as popular in terms of vinyl records. Now you have another reason to go for a walk in this enormous city: to look for shops and the best offers in a city that is not exactly known for being cheap.

In the famous Latin district you can still find shops where you can spend hours browsing old records. And they are all very affordable!

  • Berlin

And lastly, we can't talk about music without mentioning Berlin, the city that defined dance music in the nineties and has turned clubbing into a religion. Anyone who loves electronic and DJ music will feel like they are in heaven, with shops, exhibitions, street markets, concerts, etc.

Save some of your strength for the daytime and go for a stroll in Mauerpark and its market, or the shops in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

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