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Three Day Adventure in the South of Catalonia

The Tierras del Ebro and its mountains, situated in the south of Catalonia, offer anything an adventure lover could wish for – pleasant boat rides, walking or horse-riding expeditions, paragliding flights for the most daring, kitesurfing for the more sports inclined or potholing for inquisitive minds, among many other activities. Here, then, is a selection of activities you can embark on to make the most out of your visit to these splendid climes during a three-day getaway.

First Day

Safari in the Ebro Delta
A good way of making your first contact with the Ebro Delta is by venturing across it. The crew at Natura & Aventura offer an interesting outing along its beaches, lagoons and rice paddies. An expert ornithologist will point out the most interesting species on the way, prominent among them being flamingos, which are sure to be the subject of some of your souvenir photos.

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Priorat
Imagine being able to see the vineyards of the Priorat from the air! With Parapente Montsant, you can do just that. Located in Cornudella de Montsant, they offer flights in a two-seater which will take you above the Serra de Montsant Nature Reserve, an experience you are not likely to forget ever.

Discovering Els Guiamets
After flying over the Priorat, we return to earth and head for the Guiamets reservoir, located in the heart of the Priorat, where the Centro Natura ServiKaYaK offers pleasant rides by kayak, pedal boat or fishing vessel. The idyllic scenery which accompanies the ride is the final flourish to your thrilling first day.

Second Day

The Seductive Sebes Nature Reserve
The second day also starts out in the Ebro Delta, but this time you embark on a guided tour of the Sebes Nature Reserve and the Flix meander. This area is known for its wetlands where you will again be treated to sightings of local fauna, particularly storks, and to exciting panoramic views from a number of observation platforms.

Underground Beauty Too
One of the more unusual attractions in the Tierras del Ebro is provided by the Benifallet Caves, commonly known as the “Cuevas de las Maravillas” (Caves of Marvels), where water has eroded the rock into a unique landscape. Make a point of including it on your wish list.

Third Day

Galloping Across the Montsià
A great way of exploring the Montsià mountain range is on horseback. The Carlos Cid Riding School offers outings through the mountains, following a route studded with olive groves, orange and carob groves, bulls, watering holes with bird-life and dry-farming land. A unique and entertaining way of touring the area. Be sure to sign up for it!

Kitesurfing in the Ebro Delta
Sports enthusiasts should take the opportunity to delight in the playful side of the Ebro Delta’s waters. One option is to try your hand at kitesurfing. The folks at DeltaKiteSup will guide you through your first few paces or bring out your more advanced kitesurfing streak. Take note!

Text and photos by Turisme Catalunya

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