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Seven typical holiday photos that we've all taken

Did you know that 80% of the photos we take when we're on holiday follow the same patterns? There's nothing new under the sun, and the same goes for our typical holiday photos! We're sure you've taken at least one of these...

  • The Foot Shot

    For many years now, social media has been flooded with photos of feet on the sand, a lilo or a sun lounger. All you need is a cool pedicure to be the envy of all your followers.
  • The Peace Sign

    Another trend (which is quite popular in Asia) is posing and making the peace sign (a "V" with your index and middle finger). This sign, which started as the hippie symbol of peace, is now made by tourists all over the world when posing in front of monuments.
  • The Romantic

    Nothing says love better than a photo of the sunset and two hands making a heart shape. So beautiful and original!
  • The Bookworm

    If you loathe e-books, your followers are in for a treat: they will always get good recommendations thanks to your photos posing with books (real, paper ones) on a beach towel.
  • The Jump

    You only need to take an average of 19 photos to get a good one: that perfect jump where you're not too close to the ground and you're also looking at the camera!
  • The Giant

    You'd better own up: you have also taken a photo in which you pretend to be 35 metres tall while you pinch the tip of the Eiffel Tower or hold up the Tower of Pisa. It's an optical illusion that some people might not get!
  • The Copilot

    We had to finish off this list with something that is very close to our hearts: a photo from the plane window. If you're lucky and the weather is fine, you'll manage to get a great panoramic shot.

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