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Seven destinations for travelling alone

You can travel with friends, as a couple, with the family... yes, we know that it's nice to share experiences, but those of us who love travelling recommend that everyone should travel alone at least once in a lifetime! Why? You can get around without having to wait for anyone, make your own decisions and choices, get away from it all... In short, you will be your sole companion. Which are the best places for this? Here is a list of destinations for travelling alone.

  • Santiago

The philosopher's stone of all lone trips: the Way of Saint James. All those who have done it assure that it is a unique experience, full of spirituality and solidarity. There are various routes that get to Santiago de Compostela, but the most popular one is the French one, which starts in Navarre and Aragon. However, you can also set off from Vigo, San Sebastián, Santander or Bilbao.

  • Holland

Holland is a small country with so many things to offer. Cities full of canals like Amsterdam and Utrecht, fields lined with tulips and dotted with windmills, calm and accessible beaches, and much more. Whatever you have in mind, Holland is always a safe bet.

  • Ireland

Many people declare that they have had the time of their lives in Dublin, one of the friendliest and most welcoming cities in Europe. Your evening can kick off at a typical pub, surrounded by pints and live music, where you'll find it easy to meet the locals because they are usually open and friendly.

  • Portugal

Outdoor cafés where you can relax for hours, long walks next to the ocean, old districts where you can go for a stroll and where it's easy to find your way round... These are all the things that would be included in a lone traveller's guide to Portugal. Check your diary and find a date for Lisbon or Oporto.

  • Morocco

Fancy something different that's just a stone's throw away? In just a few hours you can get to Morocco, a magical place where every experience is unlike anything you've lived before. As mysterious as it is welcoming, the city of Marrakech is the ideal destination for backpackers to immerse themselves in the Arab culture.

  • Iceland

Iceland – a calm, different destination. If you long for nearly uninhabited places with otherworldly landscapes; if you're looking for a place where silence reigns and you can get lost in contemplation... then you'd better start searching for flights to Reykjavik, one of our favourite destinations on the map.

  • Tallinn

Want to get away from it all, but for real? Then choose a country that is a little further away, but by no means less interesting. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is an unknown yet very attractive destination. It's a city that is perfect for walking, discovering old buildings, visiting beautiful parks... In short, a capital city that is worth exploring and ideal for getting around at your leisure.

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