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Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, so why not start getting in the mood and book a romantic getaway? Get ready to surprise your special someone with a trip to a magical destination, with a first kiss included!

There’s nothing like your first kiss! Whether it was a good or bad experience, it’s something that stays with you forever. As we are hopeless romantics on this blog, we wanted to tell you that your first kiss doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience: you can relive it as many times as you want, however you want and wherever you want.

To do so, we wanted to share 4 destinations where you’ll find magical spots to experience a new first kiss that’s even better than the actual first one. Get ready to make lots of special memories!

Paris and the “Mur des Je t’aime"

You probably guessed that Paris would be on the list of destinations to relive a first kiss, but bear with us: we’re suggesting a spot in the city of love that many people overlook when they come. Tucked inside the amazing Montmartre neighbourhood, in the heart of the small but extremely romantic Square Jehan Rictus garden, you can find a large wall where “I love you” is written 1,000 times in more than 300 languages. It’s the brainchild of artist Frédéric Baron, aided by calligraphy expert Claire Kito. Together they managed to express this feeling in many different ways and turn this garden into a meeting point for hundreds of couples who want to stop for a few minutes and say “I love you” to each other and – why not? – have a new first kiss.

Porto and its amazing sunsets

Porto is a city that oozes romance. Maybe it’s the narrow, cobblestone streets, or the warm light, or the viewpoints that you find all around the city. But today we wanted to talk about the latter – the viewpoints – because they make Porto the ideal city to relive your first kiss with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop. The viewpoint on this list is still relatively unknown, as you won’t find hordes of tourists (at least not yet!) fighting over the best spot to take a photo. We’re talking about Miradouro dos Grilos, in the Church of San Lorenzo de Dos Grilos. Be sure to mark this spot on the map and get ready for a new first kiss that will sweep you off your feet.

Bruges and a fairy-tale kiss

Out of all the places where you could relive that special moment, this city is the best one for a fairy-tale kiss. We’re talking about Bruges, a city that looks like something straight out of a Disney film: with its charming houses, imposing trees and interesting décor in every corner. In this magical setting, right outside the train station, we can find Minnewaterpark, the perfect place for that long-awaited kiss. There is a beautiful lake with swans known as theLake of Love. It is said that if you cross the bridge with your special someone, you’ll stay together forever.

Barcelona and the secret kiss

There is yet another wall that is very popular with couples who come from all over the world for that very special kiss. This wall is “El Petó” (The Kiss) by Joan Fontcuberta, a photomosaic made up of 4,000 photos that create a passionate kiss. It’s a bit secluded, but that makes it even more romantic. Take your significant other for walk round the Gothic quarter in Barcelona and, after sipping on vermouth, surprise them with an invitation to seal your love with a kiss.

Now you know about these ultra-romantic spots, it’s time to plan a getaway. But remember – you and your loved one can give it your own special touch. Wherever you go, it’s your love that will make it the perfect destination to relive your first kiss.

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