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Milk bars and more

Going out and enjoy in Warsaw can be a delicious experience afordable for everyone. Without frills, three meals can go for about fifteen euros. There are eateries and bars known dairies or milk (mlezny bar) where you can eat as well for about 3 euros.

Ask for a beer or a soft drink without fear. You can sit on the terrace of the main tourist areas (weather permitting), because the beer will cost about a euro ... and they serve big tankards.

Poles are very fond of soups and stews. Some of the most tasty that we tried and that you should not lost are bigos, a stew of cabbage and meat very well, with a similar flavor to sauerkraut; borsch soup broth made ​​with beets and sometimes served with a giant kibble; the zurek rye flour soup, mushrooms, sausage and boiled egg, highly recommended for the winter but summer care because ordered to warm one day and we still raining during the heats ... It is very blunt. Another typical and delicious dishes on the golonka, roast amazing knuckle; and the famous pierogi, a kind of ravioli or dumplings stuffed with meat, chicken, cheese ...

And speaking of pierogi, we recommend Pierogarnia na Bednarskiej (Ul Bednarska 28/30,. Tel (22) 424 13 87), where you can enjoy the famous Polish ravioli well made and at a reasonable price.

The mleczny milk bar or bars

The milk bars are the former communist restaurants that still exist in the form of soup kitchens. You will feel like in high school, with a home-cooked meal, yet cool day, and a variety of traditional Polish dishes.

Some where we sat were Krakowskie Przedmieście 20/22, or the "Bambino" in Krucza 21.

Recordando la etapa comunista

Oberza pod Czerwonym Wieprzem
Żelazna 68

It is a place that has been preserved as it was the Soviet taverns. Unfortunately it has not been preserved almost none and this is one of the best, very good traditional Polish cuisine. The price is average. It is worthwhile to see how they were. Zurek very good soup, duck and golonka (knuckle).

ul. Zamoyskiego 28/30

This bar any time is good for a drink or a traditional Polish eat a snack. Anytime literally, because the kitchen is open 24 hours a day. Inside, it is decorated with lots of communists details. The walls are lined with newspapers decades ago, the music played has more than 50 years ... Everywhere you look there detales who remember the past.

Cozy Warsaw

Burakowska 5/7

Located in an old factory next to a church that gives a special charm, is one of the most pleasant places to take some wine and dine pecking sites. The concept is different because,besides tasting, wines can be purchased. For a romantic night, or with friends, we recommend it. Not expensive, you can have dinner with a good wine for 20 euros. It has a beautiful terrace that is appreciated in the summer.

Restaurante Polka
Świętojańska 2

Beside the square is Zamkowy this restaurant whose interior looks like something out of a friendly dollhouse. Although the decor is not exactly expensive to sample Polish gastronomy.
A dinner for three people, with 2 starters, 3 main courses, dessert and wine came out € 35-40 each.

W oparach absurdu
Ząbkowska 6

The cafe "W oparach absurdu" (in the mist of absurdity), is located in the district of Prague. As for the name, and we can get the idea that this is a somewhat alternative cafe, but very charming!

It is also the favorite cafe of one of our best Polish friends. This cafe is in the "good" area of this neighborhood, so you can go both day and night, and also drinking a lot of beers (my friend ordered a chocolate beer), you can have lunch or dinner typical Polish dishes (eg pierogi) about 4 € the plate.

You have 2 floors and the furniture is old style, with sofas, armchairs and wooden chairs, sewing machines with tables, images of pristine, antique mirrors ... Lovely!

With these recommendations and we just have to tell you something ... Bon appetit!

Makes you want to go, right? Do it! Check out our prices here!

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