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Milan Makeover

By Fabiana Fierotti from METAL

New, cutting-edge beauty spots are one of the main things going on in Milan right now. It is not only about having your hair done or getting the perfect manicure, it is more about experiencing something involving all of your five senses, above all, taste. Here is a short list of places you should not miss while you are visiting the city, all with a special something that will definitely leave a mark.

Bahama Mama is a place for Nails, Taste and Beauty as the entrance sign itself says. It is the first nail bar ever opened in Milan and its philosophy is entirely linked to natural and “green” products. The best thing one can do is go there with your friends, have a manicure all together while sipping a glass of Prosecco and tasting Tuscany’s specialties. And, if you are up for it, you can also treat yourself with a little vintage shopping.

QC Terme Milano is a very special place right in the heart of Porta Romana, one of the historical sites of the city. The possibilities are many: enjoy a swim in an open-air warm whirlpool surrounded by Spanish walls built in the XVI century; an evening visit to the Wellness Tram, the world’s first bio sauna, while watching video projections; have a brunch or an aperitivi after a whole day in the spa… Whatever you do, one thing is for sure: you will forget about your everyday life and get lost in this paradise of wellness.

For the hair colour you have always dreamt of, you need to visit GUM. They may serve no aperitivi in here, but they definitely have the secret recipe for the perfect hair look. They even invented new colour techniques, Dirty and Daft, an hymn to the 90’s English aesthetic and dye, along with an organic products line to fit every client’s need, always keeping the retro style.

Speaking of secret recipes, if you have a sweet tooth for everything unique and tailor-made, you should visit Le Labo, a special corner and lab inside Milan perfumery Mecca: Profumo. As they proclaim in their manifesto: “In a world where luxury perfumes are mass-produced and sold in places that look like supermarkets (…) Le Labo has decided to take matters – and perfume – back in hand”. And they did, bringing together the very best noses and creating hand-made fragrances, no matter how much money or time it costs.

And it’s left to Bullfrog to add the masculine touch to the list. A ‘modern electric barber’ where you can shave (old school style!) and have your rockabilly hairstyle done, like you are back in the 50’s. You don’t want to miss on their secret weapon, the English barber James, or their Shaving Academy (two courses, base and advanced). Some real good men stuff.


Bahama Mama
viale Col di Lana 1.
Tue – Sat 10am/8pm (Wed and Fri opened till 11pm)
closed on Monday
+39 02 89404538

QC Terme Milano

Piazzale Medaglie d’Oro 2.
Mon – Sun 9.30am/11pm
+39 02 55199367

Via Vetere 9.
Tue-Fri-Sat 11am/8pm – Wed 11 am/9pm – Thu 12am/9pm
Closed on Monday
+39 02 36601940

Le Labo / Profumo
Via Brera 6.
Tue-Sat 10am/7pm
Closed on Monday morning
+39 02 72023334

Via Thaon di Revel 3.
Tue-Fri 10am/8pm – Sat 10am/5pm – Sun 11am/5pm
+39 02 36531983

By Fabiana Fierotti from METAL

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