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Ladurée’s Macarons

The renowned macaron is a traditional round shape French pastry, crunchy on the outside and soft inside and made ​​from egg whites, crushed almonds and sugar. It is aromatized and colored with strawberry, hazelnut, chocolate’s flavours or any other variety one can imagine, since there is an effort to specialized bakeries for finding the most original macaron and you may find roses, saffron or gum flavored macarons and increasingly most diverse forms.

It is difficult to find the precise origin because, as with all these delicious recipes, you have different stories. It seems to be that comes from Venice and it was originated during the Renaissance, but it is the luxurious Ladurée bakery located Paris the one who invents the macaron as known today, double and different shades for differentiate depending on the flavor. It was Pierre Desfontaines, Ladurée’s pastry chef , the first one who joined two macarons with ganache. It is said that they are the best macarons in the world and the fact is that they sell more than 15,000 units every day!

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