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I Candelai

The headquarters of the Cultural Association Candelai, the meeting place of artists and young people most important in the city, is in the northernarea of ​​Palermo. Many musicians, artists and writers haunted this place for inspiration while creating their works.

This venues is dedicated to cultural, artistic and intellectua exchange and hosts a lot of activities such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, performances, workshops and social support initiatives.

Local and international groups like Radiohead have performed at concert venue of Candelai, chosen in 2010 by Internet users to be the best for the category Music Factory. There is a variety of music styles dominated by pop, rock, jazz and ethnic music in the venue’s programming. In this building, there is also the club where the most underground attendees can go to live the night at its height. The most professional DJs makes the crowd enjoy the night with their electronic music and hits-from-the-past dj sets. In the timetable of their website you can consult the various events and thematic nights. It is a must if you fancy hanging out remembering!

You’ve wanted to to immerse yourself in the scene Palermo? Do not hesitate to visit this beautiful and versatile place by the Tyrrhenian seaside!

By Blanca Frontera

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